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Mada's Figurines Reports 1 September 2012

Let start off the first of September this year with some Figurine Peeking, since this week is figurines posting down here, even when I normally post Figurines Post on Monday/Tuesday.

Well, there are just so many nice Figurines to peek, and even more Figurines are being manufactured right now.

But even so, there are a few figurines which got me Sparkly Eye Activated, and having my Clean hands ready for the grabbing.

Anyway, let start some peeking, in which I going through just a few nice figurines which I got my Eye Peek on, and some which I considering grabbing.

I remember posing on Nanoha Figurines on some Figurine Report previously, and this time, let peek at her best friends, Fate.

What got me wondering at first in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st was what so different between it first Series and the Movie.

First off, the story is pretty much summarized on the daily life, but the plot detailed on Fate and her family, which reveal a lot of information on how Fate was born and the way she was raised initially.

Second off, was the clothing and device which both Nanoha and Fate used. Both Raising Heart and Bardiche were very detailed when they're in their weapons mode.〆(・∀・@)

Interestingly, Raising Heart actually played a very big role in training Nanoha on Magic, which the First Series didn't.

One More thing, the battle between Nanoha and Fate was actually very over-powerful, unlike the first series, and I didn't know Nanoha can wide out an training dummy city in one big shot.

As for the grown-up Fate in Swimsuit, let just say that it's an Fan Service for peeking on.

Strangely, Yellow and Black mixed in very well, especially when it come to Fate Testarossa. ∑(O_O;)

After Re-peeking into Nanoha series, another series to re-peek was To-Heart Series, especially To-Heart 2.

Tamaki Kosaka -Casual Clothes ver. @Amiami

Don't ask me whether I think that Tamaki is going to strip or wear her jean, since it was the Sculptor was decided to play Trolling game and let everyone think about it.

This is another Re-release, so one can say that it actually a good grab with Clean Hands. She is very cute and beautiful.

But as for what she thinking, that's hard to say.

Even Tamaki and Sasara decided to wear School Swimsuit and play Maid together.

-Tamaki Kosaka -School swimsuit & maid ver.- @Amiami
-Sasara Kusugawa -School Swimsuit Maid Ver.- @Amiami

Honestly saying, both my heart and mind are syncing and telling me to grab this, since it also got my Sparkly Eye Activated.

Despite being a common trend, the School Swimsuit and Maid Apron Mix is still one of the good Combo to knock most Guys off, and that including me.

I might turn into an Ookami unexpectedly. (*-`ω´- )

There was an dungeon game with To-heart 2 Characters too, and the's the Student Council President being the Valkyrie too.

Sasara Kusugawa Valkyrie Ver. & Nendoroid Petite Maryan

They're in their Chibi form too, but it actually more cuter than I expected.

But one must still be careful of her skills and swordsmanship. Her levels is very high.

What actually got me wonder is Maryan who is along side with Sasara, is in School uniform. Despite Maryan look's, she was the previous Students President and Sasara's senpai.

Another Previous Student Councils President is Kurokami Medaka.

Medaka Kurokami @Amiami

As based off the Manga, she actually enjoying herself after passing over her seat to her boyfriend, Zenkichi, and I wonder why both changed after becoming the Student President at first.

Medaka choose to have her long hair and not eating meat in order to keep her appearance, but change after not the Student President.

But at least the Figurine let one be reminded of how she started out. As for Zenkichi, I kind of shocked to see him wearing glasses, and becoming even more emotional than before, though it did seem like he playing the supporting role still.

Supporting role is also very good for some characters, and for Miku's support is a nice F1 Racing Car!

Nendoroid Petite Racing Miku x Mini 4WD Racing Miku 2012 Ver. drives Astute Special @Amiami

There are many nice Miku figurine going to be released, and that including the Sakura Miku too.

I must say the Good Smile Company sure know how, when and where to get a Good smile on everyone. (●´∀`●)

Also it did seem like the Racing car which come with Miku is able to run too. A good way to have Miku have the feel of a racing car, though I wonder again if she got her driving license yet.

I do want to have this Miku figurine myself, but the remark got me shot off instantly. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

What I also want to grab and use would be a nice bags to hold my stuffs.

Sword Art Online - Messenger Bag: Asuna @Amiami

Considering the Size being 42 x 30 x 17cm, it sure is something useful and what I want to grab too. Also I do like Swords Art Online which I actually peek into first Before Accel World myself.

Initially some of my friends recommended me Accel World, but I choose to put it off later, until I know that both were from the same creator.

What go best with the Black and White on the SAO Bags would be another Black and White!

Rubber Strap: Black Rock Shooter @Amiami

There're also other of her friends to go with, but for some unknown reason, I felt like ordering both of those and place them together.

Imagine how it would look. Well, you can choose to place other rubber strap or neither.

That pretty much sum up a bit for Figurine Peeking and including some stuffs which are not. So, another Figurines actually got you to take another peek into their Anime Series again?
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