Sunday, September 9, 2012

Mada's Sunday Report

Another Sunday just reached, and also the time to peek finish fast some latest series. Well, I still living and kicking, since I do need to watch what happened next on Manga and Anime I peeked.

Also, there also some figurines which I grabbed over at STGCC last week, which are now nicely pack over some spot in my room.

I need to do some cleaning again, and this time a big one, since I might need to do some moving of stuffs in my room.

I do need to rethink some of the position, and to double check the Feng Shui position too, as account toward my mum.

Well, not going to get new furniture anyway. But more like need to consider how to place some stuffs, since there were new Small Stuffs which stepped into my room.

This nothing much to be honest, since I actually been helping out with my dad most of the time. But even so, Still got some time to do some Figurine Photo-taking and Peeking too.

Just touch those Bold Blue wording to see the posts, but more like having peek at those photo which is more than enough.

From what I peeked and Grabbed from STGCC, still think it was a good idea to grabbed them, especially for Black Rock Shooters.

Considering that she is my first Figma and Nendoroid figurines which I grabbed. Normal Figurine wise, D-Gray man is actually first, but first figurine which cost me over SGD 100 is still Black Rock Shooter.

Still looking good above my Bookshelf, but just one Shake or Earthquake is also enough to let them Fall down.

Anyway, need to make good use of time since there was another Peek and Grab Session yesterday, and some planning for other stuffs.

Even after getting a driving license, not easy to drive my Dad's Van, and I worry on my safety, since I want to watch Manga and Anime. But best solution is still don't drive, so no accident unless I'm getting rammed.

Well, what to say? I'm a lousy Driver, and I do like to Stare blankly a lot.
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