Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mada's Games Peeking

Pretty much peek into 3 different games and having 2 need a PS Vita really give a big headache.

But after some Games peeking over at some Game site, and one of my favorite Store, GameWerks.

It seem like there are some pretty nice PS3, some good to grab, and some, well not that worth grabbing.
From the latest game list out, there are 4 games that got me noticed, with 2 of them having me Sparkly Eye Activated.

One been just to peek, to know more about the games, and another being a middle line decision.

 If you're wondering about it, I will check more on them, and possibly post more info and my views or comments next week.

AquaPazza : AquaPlus Dream Match and HyperDimension Neptunia V are the 2 games that got me Itchy in the Heart.

Pretty much a nice fighting for the AquaPazza, though I think many would like to grab Tekken Tag Tournament 2, which is one of the hits this year.

I did consider grabbing this game, though another latest game, Borderlands 2 (a FPS game) didn't really got me that interested in it.

Borderlands first game is not that bad of a game, which is a First Person Shooting game, where you can go around and shoot any thing in sight, and there even Skills available.

As for Fighting Games, AquaPazza is a 2-D fighting Games, while Tekken is 3-D fighting.

It really depend on the person's choices to grab which one, or both. But AquaPazza is a mixture of Anime characters fighting; from To-Heart Series, Utawarerumono, and Tears to Tiara.

I wonder how characters from To-Heart Series can fight, or even when one of the girls can summon bookshelf from no where but the ground and have them collapse on you.

Well, Tekken still follow some logic, and maybe not since the panda in the games can pretty much kick ass. But for Tekken Tag Tournaments, it a 2 on 2 fighting.

Oh, I almost forgot, AquaPazza is also 2 on 2 fighting.... actually one is assisting you, to be precise.

HyperDimension Neptunia V is same as it previous versions; RolePlaying Game.

But what amusing and shocking, they decided to go back to 1989, the year I was born, which made me wish if I was in that world in the first place.

The story game, however seem to go back to it Pre-story of the first version, which might explained their fighting at the start of the First story.

If you noticed about the games that I peeked, they have the PS3 Platform, which I been playing after grabbing it, with my first PS3 Game, Final Fantasy XIII.

Well, seem like I need to do more Manga, Anime and Games Peeking for next Week.

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