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Eureka Seven: AO

(Eureka Sebun Ei Ō) 
Eureka Seven: AO 
AO - "Astral Ocean"
[Sequel to Eureka Seven]

Manga - Chapter 1 - 2 (Oncoming)
Written by Yuichi Kato
Published in Kadokwa Shoten, Shonen Ace

Anime - To be air on 12 April 2012.
Direct by Tomoki Kyoda
Studio/Network - Dones / MBS

The story started with Ao Fukai (13yrs), an orphan boy who live with an old doctor, Toshio, on Iwado Island, in Okinawa. Unknown to him, he is the son of Renton Thurston(went missing) and Eureka(taken away), the protagonist of the first series. 

His childhood friend, Naru Arata, is physically weak, but she have a mystery "Yuta" power due some accident when she was young.

One day, a mysterious entity suddenly appears and attack the island. In his desire to protect the island, Ao launches a robot call "Nirvash" on a Japanese Military ship and stop the mysterious entity.

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I only come across this Eureka Seven sequel just only yesterday when I was reading Manga on-line, and I just have to recommend this out since this is a sequel to the first original Eureka Seven.

At first, what attracted me was that it was sequel, but I didn't think that the Ao was the child of Renton and Eureka.(*v* ;;)

Now that I see carefully, he did have his father look with his mother's hair color. (*o* ;;)

Well, they did "marry", so having a child is no surprise at all, but what I can say, they just confirm that Renton an Eureka did marry and having a child. The questions however linger is: "Where are they?"

I like the first series, and I do like the opening and ending song first. The first story is very good and interesting, and after reading the 1st chapter of the manga, I am hoping (personally) that there will be a big plot after the first ending of Eureka Seven, and this time, it the child, Ao, to take the torch and step into the spotlight from his parents.

What made me say that is based on the first chapter of the Eureka Seven: Ao Manga Chapter 1; There just no way an mysterious entity call "Secret" appear out of no where suddenly and attack the island where Ao is currently living, and to think that he can pilot the robot "Nirvash"... the same name of the robot which both of his parents once ridden.

And to add on the confirmation, "Welcome Home, Eureka" may just confirmed that the robot is reacting to Ao, which it may mistake him for his mother.

In chapter 2, it also did seem that he is only one who can pilot the Nirvash, although the islanders there seem to be afraid and hate him due to his mother and him. And by saying that, this only further confirmed the child, since Eureka was original not human.

After reading the currently 2 chapters of the Manga, with the story set, plots twisted and many mysteries to be solved, I'm looking forwards to the Anime, which is schedule to be air on April 12 this year, and if you can't wait, you can just check out and read the Manga beforehand. <( ^w^ )>

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