Sunday, February 19, 2012

Even Teacher can be an Otaku

Denpa Kyoshi (Alt Name: He is a Ultimate Teacher) 
Author: Azuma Takeshi
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Kagami Junichirou, previously known as Genius Physicist and whose works was published, lost all interest in science after his college.

Currently as a NEET Otaku, he's devoted himself to his anime blog to be No. 1 and collecting habits, and going out (mostly and only) to Akibahara. Despite his claim of having the "I can't do anything I don't want to do" illness, his younger sister managed to arrange him a part-time teaching physics at his old high school. Even as an unconventional teacher, he becomes fairly popular with the student at the school very fast.

After helping a bullied girl from his school, Kagami found out that he actually like teaching, and want to help out the bullied girl in finding her purpose in life.


Well, that'd cover for the first chapter of Denpa Kyoshi for now.

What i like in this Manga is not actually just because Kagami is actually a NEET and an Otaku, but because how he helped his students to find out their purpose in the social life. But even if i say that, what he did was way too extreme for a normal person to think up, and no person even have the courage to do what he did!

It just that whether how you want to make thing interesting, and to ensure that anyone, with the potential or talents or even courage, can do it.

I not going into the spoiler of the later chapter, and I would recommend you to start reading this manga and follow it weekly, since it still at Chapter 13 (updated in 16 Feb 2012), and being published in Shonen Sunday.
Since it last updated on Chapter 13, i will start review from chapter 14 instead and as i say earlier, better start reading from the beginning, so you understand what i mean, that Kagami is the Ultimate (OTAKU!) Teacher...

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