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Fukanzen Shinsei Kikan Iris

Fukanzen Shinsei Kikan Ilis
Iris the Incomplete Divinity Android

Creator - Sazane Kei
[Same Creator of Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden]


Light Novel
Drawn by Kasukabe Akira
Published by Fujimi Shobo
3 Volumes [Ongoing]

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Drawn by Takitarou
Published in Comp Ace, Compatiq
1 Volumes [Ongoing]

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Did you peek before Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden? If so, then you would have some better understanding of this story since it an Alternate Story with the same plot.

If not, then allow me to do some quick base off.

The plot is where the World had turned into a 75% wasteland due to the invasion of the Phantoms, or Yuugenshu which have the power to corrupt anything with a touch including steel.

Once touch, the object would get infect with the virus which can not only spread though out the body but to other as well. Due to that, many countries and nation had fallen to the Yuugenshu with the current 3 different nation standing tall and holding firm.

The story take place in one of the 3 Great Nation, the "Empires" which made use of sciences and technology to combat the Yuugenshu. And they have so far developed Humanoid Robot who look not only like Human but having their Artificial intelligence to able to learn and adapt like a human.

They are also many times powerful than a normal human, which is why the Humanoid Robot are created to combat the Yuugenshu and they can be replaced should they render irreparable. Even when there are the robot who doing the fighting, normal human also able to fight the Yuugenshu using gun and weapons, but it take more than a group of them to combat one Yuugenshu.

In this story plot, it about a young high school student, Nagi Ichizaki Zeal who is in the Combat Mercenary got his hand on a disposed Military Humanoid Robot at the Junkyard.

He did mistaken it as a housekeeping Android which he decided to grab her, as he believed that if he able to repair it, then he can prove his worth into Mechanical Technology, which also was his previous choice and goal.

How he get into Mercenary was due to his biggest mistaken by choosing the wrong box during his option time. Even so, his class got one girl, Sistema E. Cassantalia, or Shi-chan who is one age younger and she hold an obvious crush on Nagi.

As the obvious go, that Nagi is so dense that he still don't get it on the fact that Shi-chan cooking bento for him and holding him tightly during some times was to show her affection to him.

The other students including Iris are aware of it. Oh, I forgot to say that Iris, which also mean "Hope" is the name of the Humanoid Robot who was "save" by Nagi in the Junkyard.

She was disposed due to unknown reason, and that she was consider the hope who can disposed of many Yuugenshu personally. How she get throw that after unregistered from Military were unknown, including to Nagi himself.

He was able to repair Iris by fixing her body, and giving her a new brain which also is the A.I system; the Mechanical Crystal, which he decided to place it near her heart.

Interestingly, he was able to "repair" Iris, but due to her specialty on being the Military Humanoid Robot, she is very weak in housekeeping and chores even when she is install with the new A.I. of housekeeping.

It was well known that should a person keep a military unit, it would be considered as Illegal and be sentence to 20 year of prison labor. That what Nagi did think when he found out the truth of what he pick up at the junkyard. Yet he is able to see which mechanical part is rare or usable, which is why he like to visit that place in hope to grab some stuffs to use.

Even when he didn't study much on machinery, he did play with mechanical since he was young and wanted to get into the best school with the technology and machine part to improve his skills.

But since he was unable to get into that, he got no choice but to grab the Junk. Well, during his time of repairing Iris, due to his strange behavior, he was noticed by the only Humanoid Robot, Mikael, who also was from the Military Unit but was sent to school after her units of 200 Humanoid Robot were all annihilated by the Yuugenshu.

A Humanoid Robot can replace their limbs, but human can't. Which is why those robot are always on the frontline against Yuugenshu. Other 2 Nation got their own style against the Yuugenshu, but even with the same goal, all 3 Nations do not work together to fight against the Yuugenshu.

As this is an alternative story of Hyouketsu Kyoukai no Eden, and from the same creator, you can say that some of the story plot like the Yuugenshu is reused in this Story. Meaning to say that both story might be happening either at the same time, or that they are all in the same world.

The story was about how Nagi and Iris go though their life, when Iris was able to go to the same school as Nagi due to hacking into the school system. She did get herself being Rival to Mikael as now they are the only 2 Human Robot in the class; Mikael was the only one.

Interestingly for an Android, both of them did show emotion and personality like a normal person, and they can cry too. At first when Nagi and Shi-chan say they are expressionless, I though the Android face is fixed.

In anyway, what got me peeking into this was that I come across this Manga by chance and I didn't yet to peek much into the Light Novels. If I can find the Light Novel at Kinokuniya, then maybe I might consider grabbing this with my clean hands.

But even for those Robot, they do look like normal human which many tend to forget about it. Maybe those Robot are too well-made. I really want to have one as my personal maid to clean my room and get rid of Cockroach.

I got a few running into my room for a while now, and yes, I hate the Cockroach. But I wonder what damage she will do to my Hiding spot though.

As far as I peeked, do you want to attend the Mercenary Class with both the Human and Humanoid Robot in Fukanzen Shinsei Kikan Iris?
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