Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Toilet Renovation Day 3

Today the day where the Main Toilet is undergoing some hacking of old tiles, so there are obviously a lot of noise and duct. Just that I do hope that the surrounding neighbors aren't that mind of the noise.

It only for today, since starting for tomorrow it will be adding of waterproof membrane and screed. Problem was the Natural Wind today love to visit our house though the Kitchen Window, so there a lot of duct in the living room.

Well time for some clean was in place.

Almost a lot been hack off, including the door metal frame which were fixed to the wall.

It took one people to finish hacking off the toilet floor tiles, but it take 3 people to remove the door frame. Reason being was that the building I lived in is build from bottom up. So everything is build and fix, but many new building are pre-built before bringing it over to the construction site and bring them up.

But as much as I hate duct flying about, I do have to thank the workers who did their best in trying to minimum the duct. Just that the Wind visit at a very wrong timing.

What got me by surprise was that the removing of floor tiles was more than what I though at first. They had to break off one more layer of the floor, so when I took the photo, the floor was very deep.

Too bad I didn't take the toilet before it get hack off. And I don't have the love of taking my own house toilet before the hacking of the floor tile.

My family were also all surprise at how much were remove when the floor tile were gone.

The people who come over were also got their sense of humor and also very good. Think maybe my joke gotten into their mind at first impression, and the offering of some drinks since they are also guests.

The weather today is very hot, so of course giving some drinks to them is to be polite and showing them hospitality.

Even when my parents reached home, they did inform of my parents of the stuffs just in case. But of course my parent don't mind, since they are the pro at this.

Even if they are workers, being friendly is to so that they will work happily. They are also very friendly to talk to, but the ducts was the only thing that got in our conversation.

Just watching how they hack off all the stuffs only had me notice that time actually past by very fast, even when I still praise them for their fast work.

Even apply one more layer of clement before going off. I didn't know that they apply it very fast. The important thing is tomorrow when they need to add in the waterproof screed to prevent water from leaking to the floor before.

Another interesting thing was how Xiong Mao, being afraid of strangers, trying to find hiding spots. Even when the workers aren't interested to visit our room, Xiong Mao did climb up my Imouto's dolls Session and camouflage with another Panda Dolls. As Xiong Mao is "Panda" in chinese, and so happen that he is both Black and white.

I got a hard time where did he hide, even when he is just next to the panda dolls. I though my Imouto got 2 Panda Dolls until I took a close look.

Good timing was that I got my Iphone ready to take that shot before he jump down.

But later on he find a few hiding spot and hid there until the end of today Toilet Renovation. Even when he is out of my Imouto's Room, he went and hid himself at my Parents' Room for another few hours.

I really wonder how scared can he be. Plus he can't use the main toilet to do his business too. Need to keep watch him at the Master bedroom Toilet or he will find some other place to do it.

Another thing is that I got myself some Manga to peek, so I can sit outside at the Living Room, to keep guard the opened Door, a watch at the renovation, and at least I'm there to be inform by the workers of anything happening.

But a sudden addition of few more books did caught me by surprise when I realized that I need to clear out one more slot to place more manga. Peeking into Light Novels and Manga are just too interesting and to think that I currently repeeking into One Piece Anime with my Family.

Again, my voice translating is needed and I do have bit of sore throat. Well some Ice Cream would do nicely, especially when it's Haagen Dazs which my Imouto and I had so long never taken a bite of it.

My Imouto prefer the Vanilla and for me Chocolate, but since there weren't any, so I go for Green Tea. Just a few little bite is enough to get our taste bud up, but we still need to stop ourselves from continue or else there will be nope.

I also taken a few try in Project Diva F for the PS3 version, and it way differ from the hand held console. Reason was that I used to see the smaller console screen and I can lie down on my bed to play.

This time I had to admit a 32 Inch TV screen is too big for the game, but a few more try is enough to get me the feel of it and back on the game. Honestly I few month never touch on the previous sequel of the game, so I did gotten a bit of rusty.

Well practices make prefect, so time for me to concentrate on the game and play. Also there weren't much updates on Figurines so I will see if there any tomorrow, but I do have an interesting Manga or two to share tomorrow.
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