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Dragons Rioting

Dragons Raiden

Creator(Artist) - Watanabe Tsuyoshi

Series - Manga
Published in Dragon Age (Kadokawa Shoten)
0 Volumes [Ongoing]

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Story plot started with Rintaro in his youth, and crazy as it sound, he was diagnosed with Henisei Tashu Ijou Syndrome (Hentai Syndrome or Pervert Disease for short). Meaning to say that he will have a heart attack when he get too sexually aroused especially when he look at Woman.

I amazed at how his father can come to a conclusion that his son can no longer have a normal relationship with a girl and that he will die as a virgin.

But in order to ensure that he will not go near a girl or have a pervert thought, he decided to train Rintaro in the forest near Mt Fuji. To clear his mind and to strengthen his body.

And 10 years later, he had mastered his skills from his father and able to use his arts to avoid any girls. He tend to use the skills to avoid instead of hurting others. But due to his new nature, he tend to hate girls due to his illness. His illness still act up whenever he get too near to a girl and he is very easily aroused.

He had promised his father that he will not touch or get touch by a girl no matter what, until the day that he die. And so, he decided to get into an All boy high School to avoid any girls, or so he thought.

Turned out that the high school he going to attend is an all girls school which just went co-op and yet there still 99% of the students being girls. And it just Rintaro's mistakes that the school name sound like it only for boys.

The reason why it sound like an boy school is that the girls in the school are all so freaky strong and powerful. There are 3 Fraction in the school ruled by 3 powerful students with the title "Dragon".

They are First year Ayane, Second year Nori and Third Year Kyouka, who all are fighting to rule the school as the only Dragon. Well, Ayane is the kind yet hot tempered of the three, while Nori is the one who scheme and trickery while Kyouka is the strongest of them who can easily defeated Ayane.

Even sending her off into a building, though it didn't seem that Ayane got that hurt from it. The building on other hand get the worst damages.

So far I not sure how Nori can fight, as she didn't show her skills other than making use of her "pawns" against the other 2 dragons. But there is another girls who can go against the 3 dragons but hold the title of Tiger.

Well, Dragon and Tiger been the opposing force for many Manga and story, and I can admit that my Grandpa is born on the year of Tiger while Grandma is the Year of Dragon, so of course seeing the 2 of them fighting is a common sight.

I really wonder why this 2 beast is the symbol of fighting, but anyway, the first fight between Ayane and Kyouka was stopped by Rintaro unintentionally which caught the attention of many people, including the 3 dragons.

Ayane, knowing that she is the weakest, didn't hesitant to ask Rintaro to be his teacher, to teach her his skills in fighting, like how Rintaro is able to stop the fighting by rising 2 wall from the ground.

Ayane is fixed in getting Rintaro to teach despite being strong herself, and she is amazed at the skills which Rintaro had displayed many times, all unintentionally.

I did mentioned that he will only use his skills to avoid girls only, and all the skills he used later on, can be noticed that he is trying to avoid fighting or in contract with a girl.

Still, many misunderstood his intention and openly admit his skills and power, much to his dismay. He later did agreed to be Ayane' teacher. The amazing skills of avoiding girl at high speed which Rintaro had displayed became a show off skills which seem to impress Ayane more and more.

And so, instead of getting a transfer out of school and avoiding girls, he become the center of attention. Ayane's close friends at first were against her having Rintaro as teacher, but have second thought after having witness Rintaro's strength themselves.

Well, I not sure if the Creator like Big oppai or what, but I seem to notice that a lot of the girls got big oppai, which easily aroused Rintaro and having him to use his skills to avoid them.

He also seem to say "Clear your mind, A Silent and Serene Heart" before using his skills. Meaning to say that his mind is in a clear state and his power being at the peak.

Not bad for a Manga Peeking if you're asking me, and if you like Fan Service, then there are. I just amazed at Rintaro having the Hentai Syndrome which stop him from getting near a girl, let alone being touch by them. Also though he promised his father not to get touched by a girl, he later on did get touched by Ayane, when she help him to wash his back.

What got me peeking into the Manga was the Disease Rintaro was diagnosed with, which I wonder and looking forward to his survival at the nearly all girl school. Well, he might place himself in more girl problem then he wish for.

As far as I peeked, do you want to attend an high school with many powerful girls under 3 different Dragons in Dragons Rioting?
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