Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mada's Sunday Report 10 March 2013

Sunday come and past again so fast, especially when I was playing some PS3 Games for now.

Yet the funny thing is that having some Manga which were on my Peeking list to pop out around now when I wished for them to be release earlier for peeking.

Anyway it still good that they still out to be peek, but I still want to complete some of the PS3 Games, and I just finished up the Main Story of One Piece Pirate Warrior.

The next one is going to be Hatsune Miku and her groups since I need to focus all my Gaming Energy and Concentrating Eye for this game. (O_O;)

But let peek at what I been up to for this week.

This week got the Master Bedroom toilet all done up, so next week starting from Tomorrow, I will need to be at home to stare blankly the workers doing the Renovation at the Main Toilet.

I will admit that I don't mind staring at the Workers if they are beautiful female, but I doubt that will happen.

Will need to be at house for Tuesday till Friday, meaning to say that I can go out for some Walking Session is only Tomorrow Monday.

But since I got an Imperial Order from Dad, I will more or less go to a few shops which I mostly visit, like Ion Orchard Uniqlo and Kinokuniya at Takashimaya Singapore.

I don't even know if I got the energy to go other places, but that I need to see on tomorrow weather and the Walking Energy left in me.

But I will still need to prepare tomorrow blog post just in case. There are a few interesting post I yet to post since, but I thank you readers for not worrying about that.

Some Anime and Manga Peeking are to be in places, and to think that it like posting a Series one per week, and making it what I peek for that week.

I would likely to just post what I peek or repeek for that week, even if the series was a repeated one. As much as I want to play some PS3 Games, I need to place on hold and peek some Anime / Manga first.

Even having to hold on everything just to do this posting. Sometimes, it best to know when to stop oneself at the right time. Good thing there is a Mirai Clock 3 with me which I check for time.

I tend to play overboard, or watch Anime and read Manga overtime. Ask me to work overtime is fine but I believe many would prefer to play Game, watch Anime, read Manga, or hang out overtime.

Too bad this world need to work to have some money. Well, I not Nagi Sanzenin or Medaka Kurosaki so I'll leave that thing aside. But I do wish to be a Neet and yet a powerful being as them.. (#^.^#)

The some of the thing that I well known in my groups of friends is that I peek into a lot of Manga and owns a lot in my hiding spot. Well it just that the amount is more than them.

It still no where near to someone else like Nagi Sanzenin owning a lot of them and place them in her own "Library", or like Kagami Junichirou getting crush by his own collection of Manga books, Anime DVD and Games.

But maybe this is a better way to be more closer to the stuff I like.

I wonder if the relationship will increase or not, but getting crush by those tons of stuff might be a big problem. And I tend to keep all the stuff nice and neat. If I get a lot more books, maybe I need to get grab one bookshelf from Ikea.

I need to give praise to the Creator and admire Kagami for having that much of Manga Anime and Game for a "Not Real" Otaku. For those who want to learn more about the way of Otaku, then you will need to peek into this Manga, which I would recommend it since I been peeking this one since it first release.

=Even Teacher can be an Otaku
=Denpa Kyoushi

But I not really fully following him for being a Neet for over a year and only going about helping dad when he need me. I just up to Free Lancer for now, but still, waiting for Jobs interview is costing me more problem than I thought at first. On top of that I did have a few health issue which stopped me from working for last year end to this early year.

Good thing is that I fine now, and I not going down that easily since I want to finish up some Games, Peek into more Anime and Manga.

Well, the thing is that getting tired and hungry is the main problem. So for now, time to take a break and grab some bite.
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