Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mada's Anime Goods Report 19 March 2013

This week got a few stuffs that caught my Sparkly Peeking Eye, and of course those anime goods are very cute.

And as I said many times, peeking at cute thing are good for the Peeking Eyes. So let peek at them!

First off, a Mug which not only store some water for drinking and help to liven up your table when it place it on top.

Touhou Project Mug @Amiami
-Reimu x Yakumo Family
-Satori x Koishi
-Toihou Youyoumu

The girls from the Touhou Project are very cute, and just peeking at them while taking a sip from the mug may make the drink tasty.

There are some who use the Mug as the Pencil Holder, while there are some who place Flower instead.

They are very good for decorating too and not any drinking mug only. The good thing is that those girls just look so cute that you would consider how to use it first.

Some would collect them and not even thought about using them. Well, I do have a few mug in my drawers and not in use or decoration yet. I just wondering how or what to use it for.

If you like the Touhou Project girls and want to take them out, then maybe the Keychain may be your choice.

Touhou Project MofuMofu Rubber Keychain @Amiami

They do look so cute and ready to take a walking session themselves since they are dress ready.

And they aren't afraid of the rain since they are rubber.

But if you prefer straps, there are some wooden one.

Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo Wooden Mascot Strap @Amiami

Really what amazed me is just how cute can the girls be. The only one that already in her Chibi Mode is Maid-chan.

Sill, you don't get to see a lot of wooden straps. Or it will depend if you like Rubber or plastic which are the normal one, or this wooden one. The art are laser print by the way.

And maybe I need a necktie that I would wear everyday.

Asuna Necktie @Amiami


Asuna is at the tip of the necktie. And it more than enough to brighten up my day if I get too tired. Because it look so plain, no one would suspect that a nice picture of Asuna is hiding at the tip of the necktie.

I really need to give the Maker a good praise with thumbs up.

Surely, you would want a necktie to brighten your day when you feeling down at work.

And I do need some nice Cleaner cloth for my Mobile too.

Cleaner Cloth @Amiami
Puella Magi Madoka Magica
-Madoka Kaname
-Homura Akemi
-Mami Tomoe
-Kyoko Sakura
-Sayaka Miki

-Akari Akaza
-Kyoko Toshinou
-Yui Funami
-Chinatsu Yoshikawa

I do say it before, those girls are very helpful to help clean your mobile screen when you need it.

Hand held electronic like Mobile Phone or Tablet are also fine. Even Game Console too.

If you're looking to collect them or decorate using them, it also fine since they are very cute and nice.

Personally there are times when I was wonder if I using a normal cleaner cloth, or using the face or body of the anime characters I like to clean my mobile screen.

Which is why using them as a decoration is more better than that. But when times come, necessarily win.

Just that I would hope Akari won't go disappear on me when I use her cleaner cloth.

But I do know that she will disappear when I use her Mug.

YuruYuri Mug which Akari Disappears @Amiami

Akari will disappear when you pour very hot water into this mug, which is very nice and you'll not notice much disappear yourself.

I do want to use it for drinking some nice hot coffee myself. But due to the timing now, best be tomorrow morning. Still, just peeking at those cute girls are so healthy to my peeking eye.

As far as we peeked, is there any nice anime goods girls that you like to peek for long hours?
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