Friday, March 22, 2013

Peek and Grab on a little walking trip

About time to get busy, and really, very busy in reading some new books and playing some games.

Did went to Kinokuniya to get some fresh new stock of books, and of course went back home right away since the books are all so heavy.

Well to take a few walking and peeking around, like new games, some clothes and stuffs. Of course I did grabbed some new clothes for my dad since my mum asking me to go out and have a look out. Just that the weather isn't nice for this few day, like getting very hot, or a sudden rain and stopping after a while.

The best way is to stay at home, but even so, when one need to go out, then there no choice but to go out for a walking session.

Walking inside a shopping mall and just focus on peeking on what I looking for, wouldn't let me think about the weather outside. Well, I did notice that I get peeked by some other people.

And I do peek at some pretty girls while I'm at it. (=x= ||)

Anyway, as much as I do peeked into Manga, I been peeking into Light Novels myself, which there are so many interesting title to peek into.

When there are Manga and Anime follow-up, the feeling of having peek into the story is so great.

There are a few series which I peeked before myself and I did recommend them, so you can click "This" to go and click some of the series which I peeked.

Since I gotten some new books, about time for me to do some cleaning and clearing, and I do need to peek into those books before I pack them up into the bookshelf. As for now, time for some gaming with my Imouto.

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