Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Another Years Pass by again

I should be doing this earlier in February, I decided to push it a month later to do it. Thank you for reading this blog with me for another year which I resume last year in February.

That was the same timing as when I got a computer and able to do some blogging.

And today was to not only receive my thanks, but to look back at the Second year of the Japan greatest Earthquake and Tsunami.

It also around the second year of my Late Great Grandma, so I will need to go pray around this week. Honestly saying, I did forget this both things, since I don't like to remember bad stuffs. Well, Mr Danny Choo did remember this.

Even when my Hiding spot change a few times, I also seem to forget about this too. I wonder if my Harddisk is leaking or too old and require an update.

Anyway, I able to continue peeking into Anime and Manga. And even when there is the Disaster, what I would give praise and credit is that Anime and Manga still hang strong and continue to give even more interesting plot.

I really like how the story go on and about, in this 2 years of Anime Manga Peeking, there sure are many interesting which I did recommend in this blog.

Well, not much as for the current, which I will try to post them up. Well, if I go way too fast and not able to peek into the story plot, I would afraid of posting wrong info, and I do include my comments and/or prediction sometime.

Well, there still Light Novel to read and Games to play, but I still got some other stuffs which I also need to do.

Maybe listen to Wise Nagi's saying can be a good thing and a bad thing. But I just love so many different Manga which provide me interesting stuffs.

It better than for me to remember the sadness of my late great grandma or the great tsunami that cause the lost of many lives and the nuclear leak in Japan.

As what I would think many Manga and Anime would love to show, What past is past, and what matter is the present, even Sena Kashiwazaki did said the same thing. So as for now, time to take a little peek at some Light Novels.
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