Saturday, March 16, 2013

Toilet Renovation Nearing it finishing

Ok, now the toilet is all done and ready to use, NOT!

The new floor tiles, new basin and toilet bowl are pretty much done and ready to use, but the only that are costing the most problem for the using of the toilet is that it lack of a door.

If you don't mind then maybe yes, but only on Monday will the new door be coming over and fit in. So now, I just have to paint the water pipe to make it freshly new.

My mother did the first coat but I still need to fill in some part and do the second coating. At first the pipe was dirty due to the renovation and there are many dirt from some more hacking off and stuffs.

From what I seen, with my family, we do give the thumbs up for the nice work and good for the one who done the works.

Do felt bad about all the noise for the neighbor which some of the work did drag till over 5 in the afternoon. But since the works are nicely done, they do get our praise. They at first afraid of us if we are picky, but are happy that we give them the freedom to do the work as long as they are nicely done.

They did a good job, just that the ducts was way too much and unexpected for us. Well, after Monday when the door is fixed, then we will do another round of house cleaning.

The work process sure take many days, like hacking off the old floor tile take one day. Filling in the water proof screed to prevent water leakage to the lower floor, and waiting for it to dry up which also take another one more day.

After the water screed had dried, now it time for the floor tile to be put in place and clement of course.

Not an easy work as some tile are need to be measure first like the circle or curve part before placing all into place. Then after placing them in, some white clement mixture is to be put into the gap between each tile.

Overall, the old wall tiles seem out of place as it seem old. Have to use some white mixture to fill in the gap of each old wall tile.

Well, it look better than before.

The floor is sure nicely done which seem to make the pipe look old and worn out. Look like some cleaning and a fresh coat of paint was needed. Today did the first coating and the second will be done tomorrow. Do need to make sure the toilet have it freshly feel.

By the way, the floor tile is rough, so it good for use since it will be now harder to get slip or fell.

The doorless Toilet, do you dare to use it?
I certainly don't have that courage to show my sexy body to anyone.

Well, will wait till Monday to see how it will go, so check back if you're interested to know. I do wonder it how it will go myself.
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