Sunday, March 31, 2013

Mada's Sunday Report 31 March 2013

The day sure is funny with the sudden rain in the afternoon, but this time around to think that I still go out for some short walking session and to grab some nice stuffs with my clean hands.

It been 1 years since last my computer was setup by my friend, which I later starting with this blog, and this time, I went to go for a little bit of upgrading; A nice Graphic Card and a new Case.

Thank to my friend, I got a pretty nice upgrade which I can play game for a better image. But there are some Manga and Light Novel which I still need to peek into. And to think that I need to get up early tomorrow, of course under the Dad's Imperial Order.

 I will show my computer at a later timing, maybe tomorrow after helping out my father. It is the Chinese Season to visit and pray our Ancestor.

Seem like this week I did a few thing myself, but first let take a few peek first.

-Walking Around with Family
-Stepping into Tera Online
-Reading Manga on a raining day
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Since I did grab a lot of new books with my Clean hands, so of course I would be peeking into them. Even so, I would like to use my hands to play some games though.

But I been going out for some short walking session and I do prefer reading some Manga back at home, since the afternoon rain is the nice weather to be at home. But today I did went out to grab some more expensive stuffs, but good for upgrading my computer.

I not sure if the rainy session now is right or what, but it still a nice weather to enjoy although those who going out might get a bit wet from the little rain.

Not a long hours of rain despite it being a heavy rain.

I do notice that there are some manga which I peeked, but I did not went and post them in this blog yet, which I will be doing so in next week, since I finish peeking into them.

But since I don't have the full set despite some of them being complete, I will be posting on what I am aware, or know. And also the new Season are starting, so we can expect some new nice Anime after all.

I know it sad that the current one will stop, but there are many exciting new Season, which some like the Scientific Railgun and Hayate Butler will be having their next Season. Of course there are a few more to look out for, with some being new Season. So for now, time to look forward Tomorrow for a Fresh new Spring, and a April Fool Day.

Tomorrow is April Fool Day, do you remember?
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