Thursday, March 7, 2013

Toilet Renovation Day 1

Today there was some renovation done at my Parents' Toilet, and of course it was very noisy and messy, but I had to give praise to the 2 workers who come and done the little renovation.

My dad change the Toilet bowl and Basin, and a last minute add on of a heater for showering since the kitchen toilet will have a 4-day full toilet renovation.

Just seeing the change toilet had shown to have a lot of work and mess, I can imagine how worst the Main toilet can get.

The Master bedroom Toilet got no issue at hand, but what different for the Main Toilet is that the tiles will be hack off and replace with new one. Master bedroom was just changing and add on only.

Overall, I did gave the 2 workers some cookies and drink for their hardwork. They are very hardworking who ensure the toilet stuffs are fix nicely and they are very friendly to chat with.

Well, for the start, I actually got a surprise and amazed at the choice of toilet my dad chose. Look very neat and simple. But what gave me an even more surprise is when the worker fixed the basin.

The bottom pipe with drain the water from the Basin got a very unique style of piping. The old Basin got a bigger back (the part where it is stick to the wall) so we get to see the old wall having some crack.

But overall, I actually like how the pipe designed; The worker did told me that they prefer to waste the resource than to see the water leaking, Well, I was wondering how the water will go down. Good thing there something call Gravity in this Earth.

This toilet don't have a shower or a heater until today my dad ask for a last minute add on. The design is good and better than the one in the Main Toilet.

Due to that, my Imouto did wanted to try it out, but since the workers did advice to wait as the clement are yet to fully harden and dry for the toilet bowl base and the basin back.

Moreover, Tomorrow I need to go buy some Metal Paint to coat the addition copper pipe. Copper do can rust and corrosive, so it best to paint a protective layer, which the worker did give the thumb up for it.

With that, even when I was trying to clean my room again and maybe doing some reshuffling of the furniture. To think that I need to do the coating and cleaning of the toilet. But I still have to thank the worker for cleaning up the toilet first hand as there were so many dirt on the floor.

Imagine what will happen to the Main Toilet next week will give me a big headaches since I need to stay at home and listen to the Noisy Music. As for now, time to take a break after done some living reshuffling.
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