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Creator - Mitsuda Takuya


Published in Shounen Sunday, Shogakukan
7 Volumes [Ongoing]

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Peeked into this a few month after it releases in 2011, but to think that I forgotten to post about this, but anyway this isn't bad for Peeking if you're interested in Boxing.

It first started out with Isamu Take, a cocky little boy who dare to go to school late and still able to finish all the test question in the shortest time. He is the top in the Result and he also think that he is the handsome type.

And during that, he noticed Moka Kaname who is pretty and clever, and so he tried to ask her out. And to think that all this is happening during Elementary Period, just how mature are them?

But anyway, Isamu may be clever, he is weak and afraid of the higher grade bully, which he shortly accident bump into them. To appease them, he gave them his pocket money only to have Moka bug in and help him.

Despite her short appearance, she was able to use boxing skills and avoid getting hit by the bullies. Also she was able to take back the money and both Moka and Isamu run off.

After a short little quarrel, both got off a bad start, which Isamu was afraid Moka would told other student about him having his money extorted and degrade his reputation. The truth was later reveal to be other person, and when he tried to go save Moka, he learnt that Moka was able to defend herself against 5 bullies.

And so, Isamu chose to go boxing with Moka and only to notice how weak he was as compared to her.

Moka had a fix training schedule which Isamu got a hard time trying to follow at first, but slowly adapting to it. During this period, Isamu started to have more crush on Moka than he first started.

Slowly and steady, since Isamu got a talent for many stuffs, he was able to learnt many thing from Moka's teaching, especially the foot work which Moka had shown many times when she dodge many attack herself.

Even Isamu wasn't able to touch her once during tags, or their training. During Isamu training period, Isamu learnt that there was another student who also know boxing, Hoshi Hyoma, whose fathers is a Boxing Coach and having an elder sister who do boxing.

And so, the three of them are able to have a place to train themselves in which a gym is important to improve their boxing skills. During that they come across another person whose boxing skills also in top notch, Harumi Watari.

To test their skills, Hoshi's dad did enroll them in a tournament to fight against other young boxers. They were all shocked to notice that though unintentionally, Isamu was able to use Counter against other boxers and having a talent for it.

But Moka got it bad, she got an injury eye which render her unable to do boxing anymore. Though Watari won the tournament, later due to unknown reason, he was told by Hoshi's dad not to do boxing.

And so, Moka and Isamu went their separate ways as Moka can't do boxing and Hoshi and Isamu train and improve their boxing skills. Hoshi's dad was later reveal to pass away and Watari's being a delinquent.

What got the most shocking changes was Moka who eat a lot due to stress on not able to do boxing. And as she eat, she didn't train herself like she used to, and obviously she become so fat, that she is afraid of showing herself in front of Isamu.

She did later become taller than him, which caused Isamu dismay. Interestingly, Isamu's parents were allow against him for boxing which Isamu at first wanted to enter a high school with a good boxing gym. He even got to know a good boxer before his middle school graduation. But as the school was too good, Isamu's dad had to provide him with the school fee or he was had to work part time.

Though it take a lot of time for his dad to provide his approval, he was still unable to attend the school as his dad lost his job. Which Isamu had no choice but to attend a school with no boxing club. Moka follow Isamu all the way to the same high school.

Though during Middle school Isamu learnt the hard way of knowing having many tough boxers, both Isamu and Moka decided to have a boxing club in the school and try to recruit a few people.

They later on learnt of Watari becoming a delinquent and try to know more about his changes. Hoshi later help to check and learnt that Hoshi's was unable to inform Watari had a heart problem which render him unable to do extreme sport like boxing.

But his passing before he can tell Watari of the New caused the changes in Watari. Later on when Watari come to term with his heart problem and the real reason why Hoshi's dad decided to stop Watari's training. His hatred for boxing come to a stop and he change his delinquent appearance back to how he was.

He even enter the same boxing club as Moka and Isamu and they got Yuunosuke Kure, a weak boy who later was forced to do boxing. But Yuunosuke was saved by Moka and Isamu many times, and he got a crush on Moka himself as well.

Forming a new club prove to be difficult when there isn't much who want to join the club, and they do need a teacher to act as their supervisor in the first place. In the end they were able to form their boxing club with their homeroom teacher and another delinquent who got a bad start with them, Mito-sensei and Azuma.

During their start off training, as both Azuma and Yuunosuke have no experience in boxing, they had to start off the basic, and Azuma learning it at first was so that he can defeat both Watari and the other.

During the course of training, both Azuma and Yuunosuke got their payoff and able to defeat other boxers during their first fight.

As for Moka and Watari due to their long term of never training, they did have an exercising stress and they notice the different between them and Isamu as he been training himself since he started boxing.

Isamu did train boxing for the sake for Moka when she was render unable to do boxing.

But since they both got their basic stand on, they are able to start off with their own training, but Moka is the coach to them to ensure their boxing training stay well.

Peeked up to the latest chapters myself and all this is the short of what I knew. and to think that I seem both of them all grown up so fast even if this Manga been on the running list of 2 years in a few more days time. Not bad for the story plot which got the twist and turn especially when they all enter High School.

So if you like boxing Manga too other than Hajime no Ippo, then you can try peeking into Buyuden.
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