Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mada's Sunday Report 17 March 2013

Sunday again and to think that the day pass by again so fast. Peek into some Manga and playing some games are fine, but there are still Anime to peek and yet I don't know which one to start.

But first a weekly post again what I been up to, and to think that this time I post on 3 different Manga series this time.

I was hoping to go for more but that enough for now. I do need to start with Figurines Report which I hope there are some nice new updates. And also awaiting for new Anime to be release for the upcoming Season, which is the Spring time~

Actually there are a few last year and this year season Anime which I yet to fully peek into them yet. Still, I do want to start off with them after I can finish the last few pages of the Light Novels that are under my procession. I do want to finish up a few of the games too.

Anyway, to think that time pass by so fast and one year since I last restart on blogging and focusing with Anime and Manga, a few games and other stuffs.

I do need to thank you readers too. But to think that I also got myself busy with stuffs too.

So let see what I been up to for this week.


Toilet Renovation


Well, I do need to help out by painting the old water pipe in the toilet, since it dirty and all. But just Tomorrow then will be the toilet be able to use. A doorless toilet can be a headaches.

I sometime do peek into Manga while I'm during some long business in the toilet too, but I don't think I would peek for too long unless my stomach is very upset.

Yet, having to peek into more Anime and Manga can be a good thing since they are interesting. Well, my dad did said that it a bad thing for peeking into them. Oh well, as long I like them, I will peek into the Anime and Manga.

And so, maybe another Book Peeking session is in place, or not. But still I do like to peek into them and post them on this blog when I got the time. Sometime I peek for too long and forgot about the timing myself.

As for now, time for me to go and take a long nice shower before napping. Tomorrow is Breakfast Day and I can't go and miss a nice early tasty bite.
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