Saturday, March 9, 2013

Playing some PS3 Games

Well, I did grab 2 PS3 Games and start playing with it right off. As much as I love Project Diva F and wanting to unlock the Black Rock Shooter Song. I had to on hold that and go with One piece.

Reason simple, it the only games that can have multi player and my Imouto want to play with it.

Even when it based off Dynasty Warrior, the game style sure is so different, that I more like RPG with Hack and Slash Dynasty Warrior style.

I still like how the games go, and I need to play the story mode first to unlock all characters. There are some characters which my Imouto wanted me to unlock so she can try and play.

Well, the good think is that the more you play, the more you unlock, so it still good.

Problem is that the story is kind of mixed up, so I do tend to mix up on some part, which I wonder if I should take a repeek into One Piece Anime again.

The game did dropped off many story like the Sky Island or Brook Story Arc.

But even so, the game still good to play with, and I actually played till I forget the timing. Well, maybe it about time for me to take a peek at some latest Anime first before continuing the game or napping to rest.

Or I can play Project Diva F to listen to some nice music. There are a few interesting Manga that also worth to peek into, but what I want is to try finish the games.

But resting my Peeking Eye is also important. I can't just stare blankly at my TV screen for long hours and not taking a break, drinks some water or some other stuffs.

Even so, the "Just one more" effect kick in and by the time I notice, I finish half way of One Piece PS3 game story mode. And to think that I been trying to stop myself.

Oh well, finish it better than leaving it oneside. And there are some other games which I also want to try finishing them too.

As for now, a quick cold shower and a break.
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