Monday, March 11, 2013

Sakamoto desu ga?

Sakamoto desu ga?
Are you Sakamoto?

Creator - Sano Nami

Series - Manga
Published in Fellows! (Enterbrain)
1 Volumes [Ongoing]

More Info @Baka
Peek @Batoto [English]

Story is all about how one super cool and super powerful student that can jump to make it as if he can fly, Sakamoto.

Even when he is target for bully or affection, he can avoid them with graceful skills and coolest pose, which earned him the top spot of popular students.

Even the self-proclaimed Top Model in his class got himself avoid by other students due to his arrogant personality. When the 3 bullies at the start of the story try their way to target Sakamoto, he is able to avoid them and not just that, he get even more attention.

Try dropping chalk duster on him and he can catch it before it touch him, or able to prepare an umbrella out of nowhere to shelter himself from pouring water, or even at the class window with a cool pose when his table got throw off.

I must give praise to the Creator for able to put Sakamoto in the top light and with a cool pose. It isn't that easy to draw that, yes?

But this story is just letting Sakamoto always be in the top spot and letting bullies targeting him for the way. Sakamoto was able to change them or the people around him to change their personality, views and themselves.

When Sakamoto was able to trick the 3 bullies and yet saved all of them form a fire, the 3 bullies did think of Sakamoto as the coolest and decided not to target him. Even going as far as putting a photo shot of Sakamoto's face in his Mobile.

But doing all the thing to avoid to avoid trouble isn't just his style. He had shown thing which isn't easily done by a normal person, like sitting on an invisible chair, which sadly Yoh of Shaman king isn't able to do it properly.

What I also amazed is that he is so kind, to the point that he would visit a bird house in order to feed them. But the problem is that the bird house is at the top of a tree which Sakamoto isn't afraid of climbing up and standing on one of the tree branches.

Later on even teaching of the bullied student the true value of protecting his own money from the bullies.

It wasn't his money or being scared of the bullies, but his own pride which the money he earned from his own hard work, sweat and blood.

I still find it amazingly that Sakamoto also help out in the fast food restaurant with the bullied student, and hoping to use the money he earned for some other stuffs.

But it isn't everyday where you get to see a lot of customers who go to the fast food restaurant at a non-peak hour just to see the cool and handsome Sakamoto.

He not only have the female students who want to be with him, there are male students and even teachers who admired his coolness. Which is why I peek into this story due to the description, where it say that Sakamoto is the coolest of the coolest.

But what got me interested into this was that how Sakamoto is able to do thing that isn't normal, and yet able give out his coolness, and at the same time earning admiration or affection from other.

There aren't much chapters shown out even when it got it first volume, so it good to have a little peek into this manga for a little time killing off.

As far as I peeked, do you want to attend the same class with the coolest student in Sakamoto desu ga?
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