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Classmate to Meikyuu no Futekisetsu na Kouryakuhou

Classmate (♀) to Meikyuu no Futekisetsu na Kouryakuhou
Improper Capture Method of Classmate & Labyrinth

Creator - Konya Yukio


Published in Comic Dengeki Daioh (ASCII Media Works)
5 Volumes [Ongoing]

More Info @Baka
Peek a Little @Batoto (English)
Peek @DM5 (Chinese) | @SenManga (Raw)
(Since the English sub isn't much, the Chinese Version is up to chapter 20 and 20 -23 For raw.)

I don't go finding Manga series and peek up to the latest chapters, but this is actually not bad for a story plot.

It started with a normal Student, Hazakura Motoya, studying in Nishi High which is going to close down in 2 years times. And so, there only left 7 students including Motoya who decided to get a free ride though High School since he got not much motivation.

He got his Cousin, Yuri, who is in the same class. Well there only one class anyway but it can be obvious that she hold a crush on Motoya due to some of her actions. Motoya just a dense person even if he is a pervert.

Due to some reason, there are 3 Military trained students who were transferred to their school, Kayama, Mizumura, and Toujou Himari who is the Captain of the team.

Under their Countries Ruler's order, the whole school and it ground are to be lock in with the Students and Teacher. Meaning to say that within 1 to 2 month no one can get out of the place.

They got their supplies, food, clothing and bath provided to them. Even sleeping / changing in the School Gym.

After confirming that Motoya family name who is a direct Descendant who process a power call "Link". Unknown of what they are talking about and got himself locked in a separate room, he escape and hid himself until he find a way to escape.

The whole military in the school wasted their time trying to find him but when he tried to escape, Himari was able to catch him and letting him witness an unknown tower, Tower of decreased Gods.

Interesting fact is how the tower is drawn based on Tower of Babel, or Babylon Tower. In anyway, those whom got the "Links" are able to enter the tower safety.

But the tower is far from safe, as there are monster called Spriggan who will attack them and later on having Irregular.

Later on, Himari learnt that Motoya got the same mobile strap as her which she gotten since young from a person who saved her, and that Motoya look like him, which she thought it was Motoya's father who saved him.

Before trying to enter the tower, and knowing that both Motoya and Yuri are able to see the tower, they decided to train both of them in the shortest time, and entering one of their best soldiers' battle experience into Motoya's brain.

Himari later on shown to Motoya one of the Irregular in the tower, who look like a normal human.

They have yet to discover the secret of the tower and what it purpose. And so they can only go in and attack whoever attack them.

During their real mission, they got onto a fight with the Irregular and due to some big misunderstanding of the 2 sides, Yuri got stab while trying to protect Motoya.

He then later on escaped with the younger Irregular girl and later on to find themselves 3 years into the future.

There he discover the secret of the tower, which the tower will randomly appear and those who enter the tower will fight each other due to misunderstanding or different languages.

Also people of different timeline will see each other and will think each other as the Irregular.

Due to the fighting of the Spriggan, they would think each other as a threat and therefore fight each other. Knowing this, Motoya decided to go back to his own timeline, back to the time when Yuri was stabbed.

But what he encountered was Himari when she was younger, and later on to save her from the attacking Spriggan. But the one who helped them at first was no other than Motoya himself, who is from the future timeline.

He revealed to himself that Irregular are human themselves who enter from different places and timeline. And so, he was able to save Yuri from death when she gotten stabbed though the chest due to advanced medication from the future.

And no surprising due to the timeline, he himself was able to save the younger Himari and giving her his Mobile Straps, which explained the whole story from the start.

Good thing Himari was stopped from killing Motoya, or the whole timeline will be distorted. It was also revealed that Motoya would made use of the tower to help his past self and the other.

Himari was able to learn that his grandfather wasn't a traitor to the country when he disappeared into the tower and never returned.

It was that he went back to the past before their countries was formed and helped to form the empires as of today they are in.

And so, they are now aware that the Tower is a portal passage which linked to different places and timeline, but they are still in Earth and no where else. Motoya did wonder about the place being different when he get on with the mysterious irregular girl at first.

Well, the story ploy which was mystery and not in piece got me interested and wanting to peek into this Manga.

There is a chinese version which I able to peek, so I was aware of what happening, but the important information was from Chapter 21 to 23 which is the raw version. I only able to understand bit of them but they are the one who piece all mysteries of the tower together.

It really an interesting Manga to peek in and having a plot which made me wonder about how the story is heading. The art of the manga is also good too, which earn my praise for both story plot and art.

As far as I peeked, do you also want to enter the Mysterious Tower of Decreased Gods in Classmate to Meikyuu no Futekisetsu na Kouryakuhou?
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