Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Mada's Figurines Report 26 March 2013

This we will be peeking at some nice and cute girls, and of course there are some powerful one which need to be careful.

But since they're pretty cute, that shouldn't be a problem at all.

First off, the cute little sister which I sure would like to have.

Kobato Hasegawa @Amiami

Well, there are many who also want her to be their little sister and it would seem that she is popular herself, though she is just shy.

As much as she can act as her favor anime characters, there is her signature pose with the peace sign. Also she got her dolls which she can play with and it would seem that you will need to make sure that she is happy or she will be showing the sad face.

Another cute girls joining her friend is having some cat problems.

Little Busters Nendoroid @Amiami
-Rin Natsume
-Kudryavka Noumi

This time it Rin who got some cats up her sleeves and she do have her "Cat Ear" with her too.

If you don't wish to cross her, then don't. She is also very strong in her own rights and I really wonder where do her strength come from.

Despite her strength, she is a person who care, and she love Neko more.

Another girl joining her gang would be Ren.

Wooser Nendoroid @Amiami
-Ren & Darth wooser
-Rin & wooser + Mechawooser

Darth Wooser also joining her, and they are best posing next to Rin and Wooser.

Well, the short Anime do have it nice gag and joke, and this girl is more out going than Rin. Still, both of them are cute girls.

But it all depend on your references.

I just peek into the 2nd Movie of Nanoha Series and of course Hayate is one of the Main Character.

Hayate Yagami @Amiami

She is going to join her friends since she is in her magical form, and she is also very powerful despite her kind personality.

Having seem her powerful move sure made me wonder how much changes was made during the movie while still keeping the storyline from the original series.

Hayate can do many different pose and action, but it would seem that she won't be showing her powerful magic.

Lucy also won't be showing her summons, but she got their keys with her.

Lucy Heartfilia @Amiami

As much as she like to cosplay, she is strong but it still a common sight watching her using different keys to call out her summons.

Even though they are Summons, Lucy was taught to care for them, which is why they fight as much as they can for her.

I really wonder how many there is that she can dress, but just looking at her normal clothes for once is kind of refreshing.

Of all the queen blade character, this girl was one of my favor too.

Nyx @Amiami

Her weapons is powerful and yet deadly to Nyx since it can punish her.

I really wonder if the weapons was an old man, but in Nyx's hand, she is powerful enough to defeat a few girl herself.

She can do some action and pose herself and also using some magic. But her face expression seem to stay the same, so there might not be any other expression showing.

I do need a maid, or a cute girl to look clear my room for now.

Nyaruko @Amiami

She is also powerful enough which I wonder if she would help me move some furniture.

This time she wearing a nice pink dress with a white apron, which I wonder if she going to increase her love appeal to her love one.

She sure is cheerful, and I wonder what she trying to cook next. What amazed me is how her long "antennae" hair is.

Overall, with her smile and fresh cloth color, she sure look very bright.

OR maybe I need to peek at an Angel for more refreshments.

Panis Angelicus @Amiami

It would seem that you can change her left wing to be black, even when she look so pretty and pure. She can also pose with either one of her wings on, or without them.

I do like how her overall color can look so nice, which I would prefer her to have the white wings on. But without them, she look like some normal human who just look too pretty.

But with the wings on, she sure look like she ready to fly.

But if we want to go for Fan Service, there is one powerful girl who is ready to pose.

Hakufu Sonsaku @Amiami
-White & Pink

And depending on your taste, she got 2 different color of underwear on. If you want her to look pure, then white and pink, but Black seem to make her look more sexy and mature.

Even if I don't choose the color, just staring at her is enough to stun me for a few seconds.

Only thing that need to be careful is of her kicks and punches.

Last to peek off would be some nice swimsuits too.

Hibiki Ganaha @Amiami

Seem like Hibiki is going to join her friends and she look like she going to have her fun.

I don't know how much she look for, but she sure know to pose at a nice timing and with a big smile.

She is an Idol of course and it seem that she got her pet, Hamuzou with her and it won't fell off that easily. It also doing the same pose as Hibiki if you notice.

Well, today we sure look at some pretty girl, and of course with some cute one to improve our eyesight and refreshing one to soothe one mind. As far as we peeked, is there any of them that you want to grab?
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