Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Walking Around with Family

Did went out for some walking session with my family, and of course there were some item grabbing with clean hands, and some tasty bites.

To think that my Imouto didn't ate her Breakfast and Lunch and having to endure the hungry until 4pm just to take her first bites.

In anyways, getting back late home and having some quick shower and some short family chatting before heading back to bed.

Of course I didn't even peek into Anime or Manga, or even play some games. Was too tired out from the walking around and about. And now there is a new phone in my room.

Now all the room in the house got a nice new phone, and no one can excuse themselves from not picking up the phone.

For me, it a good thing since I don't need to go out of my room just to pick up a call. But I still need to get out when I need to eat, drink or go to the bathroom. At the least, it better to have one in my room for now.

Also, going out as a family is a different thing when going out alone or with friends, especially when both my parents do not go to Orchard Road much and needing me to lead the way before they get lost.

There are some near future plans to go out to IKEA and COURTS over at Tampines since both are near to each other and it just that the only mega stores are over there.

Problems for me is that I need to do some planning to ensure the furniture fit into our house, and I do need to do some rearrangement. I do plan to move some inside my hiding spot, but I need to remove some stuffs, which I trying to throw them off if possible, since I got no use over it.

But getting in new stuffs get in the way sometime. but first off might as well do some planning first before doing the next step. No point thinking about it and not able to do it. Even if my room is nice, the only problem tend to be that I only got one choice of placing my furniture. And to think that my family and I went out to check out some first. How funny when we want some stuffs in our house to be spoiled and it get harder to be spoil instead.

Well, time to do some planning first.
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