Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Having Plans all messed up

Having new Volumes of Manga out would just mean that it time for me to go and get them. But if this keep up, maybe I will have a series of books on top of me someday in the future.

But anyway, I got my plan all mess up due to last minute Imperial Order from dad. However, as due to the reason of my Grandmother having to take a trip to the Hospital, this had to be done.

Helping them out, and hope and pray for my Grandmother's health. It did give my family a shock for each time she lost a lot of blood from unknown reason, plus when a people do not have enough blood, they will feel cold.

I really thank that the good thing of having Blood Donation, and my grandmother got some blood inside her. But for now, just hope she is fine. I still have to help my dad and mum, and even my house both toilet will be undergoing some Renovation.

Yes, meaning to say, should I need to do urgent Business - I have no choice but to cry only.

Well, I got myself some Manga to peek on while need to stay close and check the construction. Need to have someone at house to let them in and check on them, especially when my house got so many products goods.

Also, should there be any problem, at least I'm at house. But I do want to go out for a short walking Session around this week; Next week got my whole week scheduled.

And suppose to post on one Manga Series and the Weekly Figurines Report, but due to visiting Grandmother and helping Dad, I got myself too tired to continue and I do need to take a quick nap as I need to help my dad tomorrow too.

I will try to do some quick preparation for the 2 posts so it will be easier for me to post them tomorrow. As for now; time for sleep.
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