Sunday, March 24, 2013

Mada's Sunday Report 24 March 2013

Weather isn't that very good for this past few days and the days to come. I been feeling thirsty and even my mum is feeling the same.

And I been in the toilet for some time due to stomach upset, but I still get some books to read which is better than staring at the plain white tile wall.

I been busy playing some games, and reading some Light Novels, until I forgotten the time. Also, I do have to help my parents out with some stuffs.

But of course  I do take a few break around for my eyes, and I did went out for some short walking session. And there is another round of walking session, but this time is with my whole family, and by public transport.

Yes, we do take public transport as a whole family for a short walking session, which isn't most of the time, and especially right after my parents' morning works. They did want to go out for some walking session.

And by the way, here is the posts for this week on what I been peeking or up to.

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While you busy peeking at the past post, I do want to peek at some cute Anime for now, and there are a few which I yet to peek into for this week.

Most have reach their ending and some had been over, so it also the starting of the new Season where more new Series will be out, while some are second Season or so.

Still, they are healthy for the peeking, so as for now, time for me to take some peeking, before an early napping. Maybe some gaming while I'm on it. Hope I can get up early tomorrow still.
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