Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Peeking around again 9

To think that I been playing PS3 Game and Reading Light Novel to the point that I forgotten about my blog today again.

Well, figurines report will be up next week Monday since there are a few Figurine that caught my interest, and today my Imouto want to bite on some Angel Hair Spaghetti.

Don't ask me why Angel Hair, but since it long and thin like a hair, I can understand that. But Angel hair?

Tomorrow will be posting on 2 Series, since I peeked into them today, and so just peek back tomorrow and see. Follow my Tweeter and Facebook if you're interested.

I not going anyway since I need to be at home to watch over the toilet Renovation. Today was one more layer of Waterproof Screed to prevent the water from leaking to the lower floor.

And also I did take a short napping in the late night for 3 hours until I got woken up by my Imouto to cook for her the spaghetti.

I didn't lie about playing PS3 or reading light novel, and today I yet to peek into much Manga. Also, too much peeking did tired my eye out.

I got a few Series of Manga and Anime which I want to share, even when they finished Setting off flight. Well, the anime still interesting, but there are a few which I stop halfway and only to peek into them when they whole episode finish.

Holding the feeling of wanting to know what happen can be a good thing, and the feeling of watching 2 episode in the same week later on just felt so great.

I do hate the feeling of "To be Continued" myself, especially when I play Final Fantasy 13 part 2 and the ending got me hanging upside down.

Anyway, time for me to take another day of early napping, so tomorrow can post on more stuffs. Just so you  want to know, when I do post "Peeking around again" Or "Peek, Pack, Plan" it would mean that I trying to spam blog post later on. If not is due to the lack of timing and idea. (* x * || )
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