Friday, March 8, 2013

Toilet Renovation Day 2

Well, today is actually painting of the copper pipe on the same toilet which was renovated yesterday.

Since Copper Pipe can be easily rust or corrosive, I had to go to the Market and grab one small can of Glossy Paint to give the Copper Pipe one protective layer.

I was hoping for a even smaller can, but this is the smallest the shop can offer which cost SGD$ 17 and  SGD$2 for the paint brush. Don't ask me why I grab a Nippon Paint brush with a Dulux Paint, I just ask the shop which is better and what they can advice and offer.

With the stuffs I needed, of course I headed home while grabbing some bite in between to start the painting.

So let take a little peek at what and how I paint the copper pipe.

Painting Pipe 2

Some Food and Snacks to bite on before the painting and during the breaks. I do need some energy to start off.

Painting Pipe 3

Getting ready with the important stuffs.

Painting Pipe 4

Need to clean and dry first before painting, and of course even for a new pipe, it still dirty.

Painting Pipe 5

Painting Pipe 6

Shaking the Paint before use. Well, it was so well shaken, I did mistaken the paint for a milk shake.

Painting Pipe 7

Opening it up.

Painting Pipe 8

Mix again with a chopstick. You can use unwanted rod or wooden chopstick to mix.

Painting Pipe 9


Painting Pipe 10

Painting Pipe 11

Dip and remove some excess paint before painting, or there will many drop of paint on the floor. Well, the newspaper is there on the floor to stop them.

Painting Pipe 12

Start Painting!!

It did take me some time even for a short pipe. And even with a small can of paint, I only use a little bit of it even when I did 2 times recoat.

Painting Pipe 13

Finished! Just need to wait for it to dry and the toilet is free to use again.

Interestingly, this glossy paint is very nice, especially when it dry, the texture is smooth and nice. Well, time to take a break and bite some snacks~
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