Thursday, March 28, 2013

Mada's Anime Goods Report 28 March 2013

Sometimes getting a collection of some anime goods can have a strange feeling where you felt accompanied on having what you want.

That is having a set of collection, which I personally sometime would get a set of anime goods myself.

But we going to have some simple one first.

Clear file are a good start since they are also very useful to store some paper documents.

Clear File @Amiami
-Little Busters! Set A
-Little Busters! Set B

The design on the file are nice, and they can be use as decoration like poster. Some just use them to hold paper, while some just grab them for collection.

But if you want to have Poster, then maybe you can just go for the clear poster.

Clear Poster @Amiami
-Little Busters!
-Puchimasu! Collection Part.1 BOX
-Puchimasu! Collection Part.2 BOX

At least they are are nice and easy to set on wall or table or anywhere including your wardrobe door.

They are very nice and good for the peeking eye, which I wonder why there are some who think that there are too many people in the room.

Maybe those poster seem more alive than we expected.

Wall Scroll are another good choice in place of Poster.

Wall Scroll @Amiami
-Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

This 2 scroll may or not let you felt being at the beach, and playing at the Ocean. Good thing is, you having some eye candy to improve your peeking eye.

Side effect will be nosebleed or high fever which I wonder why. In anyway, if you really like the beach, then maybe this 2 scroll might be what you looking for.

For me, I need a cushion to hug on.

Oreshura Round Cushion @Amiami

You don't get to see much Round cushion since the common are Dakimakura or normal square shape Cushion.

But having a normal round one to place on a chair might be a nice choice to think about.

But I might need a Tissue Box cover to cover up the plain Tissue box.

Angel Beats! Tissue Box Cover @Amiami

Having a nice Anime characters really much better than the original design on the tissue box. Unless the tissue company decided to have some Anime Characters on their product, having a cover for it is a nice idea.

Most Tissue box I seem, or use do have some nice flowers, but if you asking me, I do prefer having nice cute anime characters on them instead.

They do serve as a nice decoration too. Maybe looking at this Angel girl might be a nice refreshment for the peeking eye.

Another common collection would tend be the Strap, and there are many different types and kinds.

Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo Trading Rubber Strap BOX @Amiami

Those cute little girls are really nice for the peeking eye, which I would love to use them all on my Mobile phone.

But I wonder if having too many strap might cause a problem. Also they can be hang on wall or other place as decoration which is another nice idea.

Or you can just keep them as collection instead. Well, peeking at cute and nice little anime characters might be a good eye to improve the peeking eye.

For me, having some nice mug is also another nice idea.

DRACU-RIOT! Mug @Amiami

It good to use them to drink some nice water, but one need to be careful when washing them. Dropping them is going to be a big problem.

But drinking from a nice design mug really can be a nice idea, but if all the people are using the same mug with the same design, then you better be careful which one is your, especially at work, or other places.

As for me, I just drink some water and peeking at some Manga. But, is there another collection that you wanting to start with?
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