Friday, May 17, 2013

Sick on a Hot day

Funny thing yesterday that I gotten sick when I can actually woke up so early to get some breakfast for my imouto,

There might be 2 reason; Either the weather is too hot or I very unlucky to get it while I was at the Market.

The worst case is having both, and to think that I can have a very bad headaches and having to lie down on bed while doing almost nothing at all.

That including watching Anime and reading Manga or light novels. I didn't eat any medicine as I trying to fight it with Willpower, but ended with me sleeping on my weather for the whole day.

Can't blame anyone even when my joint and head hurt so much, but about at night then I was fine. Having to sleep for too much did cause me a problem in wanting to continue to sleep until next morning.

There was some raining but the coolness isn't longing, which my room still felt a sauna instead of a freezer.

I even have to let my fan blow me to cool myself down. But having to sleep for almost an entire day, my clothes was kind of wet due to my sweat.

Wonder if my body was too hot, or my fan isn't cooling me fast enough. I might need to change my bedsheet again, since I don't want my sweat on my bed to let me have a bad night sleeping.

Also, due to the hot weather in the early afternoon, it a very timing and day to dry out some clothes and stuff. At least they get to dry more faster, but due to the unpredictable weather in Singapore, one need to be careful when it might rain.

It not like we got the tree diagram to know when the rain stop and when it will happen. In anyway, one do need to drink a lot of water, even I drank 1 big bottle (1L) of cool water myself. Reason is also to prevent heat stroke which can be easily happened in this hot weather.

So, do you hate getting sick on a hot day?
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