Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Mada's Anime Goods Report on Paper Knife

You know, it really very easy to mistake what the different between a Paper Knife with a Penknife.

Really! And why?

Cos they are "Knife", which you obviously not going to cut any meat or vegetable with them.
Well, I did get a shocked when there are a Paper Knife release, and moreover it Touka's Angel - Sandalphon.

Date A Live Paper Knife (Sandalphon) @Amiami

Don't worry, your paper or letter will be cut nicely when you going to use it.

Yes, that the main different about Paper Knife, as they are more use to only cutting and opening of letters. Some prefer not to cut or tear up the letter, so a Paper Knife is used.

They are also not that sharp to cut other stuffs, which is why they are more safer than a normal Penknife. Also they can be made from standard metal while there are even wooden or plastic type. They just need to be sharp enough to be able to cut open a letter which is enough. They are not mean to use to cut meat / vegetable, or even cupboard.

A normal Penknife can be only the knife itself, but there are some multi purpose type where toothpick, can opener etc are part of the pen knife. But a Paper Knife is just to open the paper letter only. And I do own a few of them myself, but they are more like key-chain instead.

However I can't bring them out as they are very delicate. I did show how many times I been using my Excalibur to open up and free those figurines in my room.

Also, as I mentioned about those Paper knife not being too sharp, they are however sharp enough to cut those letter out, and may still cut / damage the content of the letters, if not careful enough.

I been using those paper knife to cut open the stickers that hold on the box of those figurines. Reason why I use them is that I don't want to damaged those box with a pen knife that easily.

Which is why I turned to paper knife, and when I do received some letters, or when I need to open up the plastic wrapper of the fresh new Manga / Light Novels which I wanna peek into.

But don't get me wrong that I do not use Penknife myself and like Paper Knife. The thing is that I used them a lot more than I expected, as I use to opened up many new boxes of stuffs when I used to work at some shops. My nails may be sharp, but not sharp enough than a pen knife.

I got all the 3 type of pen knife myself, the original Pen knife which many of the gunpla builder might know about it. It is a knife that in the sharp of a pen, which Pen knife name come about. The yellow one is the common knife which many seen it before.

The last one is where many just call it Swiss knife than Penknife. But nevertheless it actually a multi purpose penknife.

But Paper knife nowadays are more common in the sharp of swords in Japan, which actually made them more suitable for collection than using it as paper knife.

As I mentioned before I do own a few myself, but I tend to keep them and not use them instead except for the Excalibur which Saber loved to use it.

Also, there is a few more Nendoroid which I also need to free from their box, but for now I need to clean my room again - Those dirt sure never stop working, and there a lot of them so soon. I do need to clear some stuffs and made room / space. As the least those cute little girls can have some clean place to stand on.

Well, anyway, one thing for sure that those paper knife are very useful. And as I loved to mentioned, many of those paper knife aren't just limited to only collection or using them to open up letters. They can be used as decoration. For me, I didn't open the others paper knife key chain of mine, which I left them hanging on my bookshelf as decoration.

In case I need to use one, I'll know where to find one.

So for now, as you are aware a bit on the different between a paper knife and a penknife, will you go grab some of the Paper knife that are in the sharp of Weapons used by characters from Anime, Manga, Games and / or Light Novels series?
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