Monday, May 20, 2013

Walking Session with Imouto from Orchard to Bugis

Last night as I mentioned, I went out on a long walking session with my Imouto, but what I would admit was that it was more like a Shopping Session than walking.

We did walk about to check out some shop, do some peeking, and thinking of what to grab, and in the end, my Imouto grabbed some shoes, bags, clothes and some books.

I grabbed some books, and some cute little nendoroids. (#^.^#)

You know, even though Singapore is a small walk to go, there are still places where my Imouto and I had never walked before, which can easily get us lost somewhere.

Anyway, first we started from Orchard Road, as we want to take some peek at Far East Plaza and Plaza Singapura. My Imouto do not have anything to peek at Takashimaya, so we skipped that, and since I went there for a short Book peeking last Thursday. (●´∀`●)

Nothing much at Far East Plaza, but my Imouto like to go to the DMK Shoe store buy some shoes, and she been wearing that brand for very long. Of course not to buy all the shoes, or each type. My Imouto only choose some which she find it simple and fitting.

Best not to choose a shoe which one find it not fitting to the shoe, or too hard to walk in; It will hurt the legs more than one think.

The later was to take a peek at Uniqlo, which of course we like some of the clothes. Even I had to admit that now most of the clothes I had are bought from Uniqlo now.

Shoes and clothes are light, but the later mistake we did was not to buy the clothes at Plaza Singapura first as we want to head to Bugis+ which also got the Uniqlo.

We go for a detour to go to one bookshop at Bra Basah to grab some books, of course I grabbed some Nendoroids at Plaza Singapura, which of course not pay by me. ψ(`∇´)ψ

At first, we only choose a few books, which mainly consist of Art books, and the "how-to-do-this/that" books, but there was a sudden sale, which most of the books are at a very low and affordable price. Gave me and my Imouto a shock which we just grabbed a lot which we wanted. But we still very mad about failing to grab the last Art book of the Japanese Anime Film "Wolf Children", due to 2 little girls. (>д<)

As you can see from the photo, I do have to heavy the lot of books, which I thankful for bringing my bigger bag to carry most of the book on my back. It way better than using my hands to carry. Well, it did give me a shock when I first try to carry it one hand, and even my Imouto was shocked when she try to carry the bag.

Since it was getting late, we went to grabbed some bite, and this time at the Shodoku Cafe at Bugis Junction.

I had to give my thumbs up for this cafe, which I failed to previously eat over due to many customers, and I know why now. Both my Imouto and I found the food to be very nice and delicious, though bit of expensive, but worth it.

Even though I did mentioned to my Imouto the price might be too much, both of us find it worthy due to the food being too dangerously delicious, and we sure would recommend that, If I can. (`・ω・´)”

My Imouto even said that it best to sometime pamper ourselves with some nice food and treat.

I did "shot back" whether she meant that those who don't, are torturing themselves. (=`〜´=)

Anyway, though it was a very late Mother day present, what my Imouto and I did was to grab some nice bags for our Mother. Well, it was a simple and yet nice.

We bought it from Bag Lady in Bugis Street, which I will be covering about that shop maybe on Tuesday or Wednesday. Do have to the permission first before taking photo, then blogging come later. Good thing they are friendly, and I really amazed at how my Imouto able to befriends with them. She is also their VIP regular customers.

Anyway, the last thing was to grab what my imouto wanted at Uniqlo before we heading home via Taxi. I really wonder how come I can having a chatting session when going to Orchard Road and when back home. I did met with one of my old Army mate when we heading to Orchard Road, and I was talking with the Taxi Uncle on some stuffs about Singapore life. ヽ(´ー`)┌

Well, I not going to say bad about our own life anyway. But from what I see, yesterday did tired both my Imouto and myself out too much. ヘ(>_<ヘ)
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