Saturday, May 4, 2013

Walking and Peeking Session during Free Comic day 2013

Well, enough peeking blankly at my Messy Desk for now. There are many things to peek, so I been out on a few walking session myself.

At least better than being at home and listening to my parents asking why I always at home. What the point of being Hikikomori if I keep going out.

Ah well, at least I get to chat with the people I know, sometime chatting just a few things is enough to let one know of some other stuffs.

Interesting things can be revealed by some chat, and it all it take is the initial courage to start asking around.

Even I tend to talk to strangers at shop I went for peeking session. And if I got something to share or let the other party be aware, I of course won't hesitant to tell them.

Sometime I do made someone days when I reveal something nice for them when they just needed it.

But as I always like to quote, "It their Decision and Choice on what they want to go with." I do believe that making the decision to do thing is by the people itself.

When one get older, than one might understand what I meant by that.

For example, I can tell a people how great one casing to protect the scale figurine, or how one need to beware the ways on to take care their scale figurines; like either using plain water, or just a soft brush. But in the end, it depend on the other party's choice if he/she want to clean the scale figurines.

Even for Manga, I can push my recommendation the bit, but it still depend on the decision made by party if he/she want to read or not. There are many excuses I heard like due to Time, Work, Study Commitment, so I just share bit of my recommendation.

There are people who work in bookstore, or Comic Connection which got a lot of Manga, so they ask me on what and how of the Manga, and which one I would recommend.

I do need to ask like what their taste, and share my bit of knowledge on how the story go, if I know of the story plot. So far there is one sale girl I come across who ask me on some of the series, so that she will be aware of the story of the Manga and would know how to recommend to other.

She told me that it will be difficult for her to just randomly choose one manga to the customers, since the customers might later not like the series. Games wise is lesser for me, since I don't play much game for now. But when it Manga then I good to go. There are cases when I reveal some of the series which based off Light Novel and I had to let the other party know of how the story is.

But Anime is on whole new level, which I would just share to other.

Don't belittle Manga when one think there won't be much reader. It is kind of shocking that there are Peekers who come down to buy those manga, but when there is an events, like Free Comic Day today at Kinokuniya Singapore.

There is suppose free comic for the members, but of course there is the "first few customers", so you should know what happened.

There are many people who come down to listen to the talks, and Camera taking for those who cosplay for the events

There are many people who buys their Manga near their place, especially from Comic Connection like I do, when I too tired to go all the way to Orchard. But when the 20% discount is up, then that is different story.

Events wise will also be the same.

Sometime, I would come across someone I do know, and having some short chatting session, which normally chat on some normal stuffs, and less on Otaku stuffs. If I in Akibahara, I might be chatting on totally Anime, Manga etc stuffs, to the point of forgetting to get back home.

Sometime, I do go to Starbucks to have a coffee and if there is a seat, I would sit down and read a book to relax. There is some store which got lesser people at some time, and from what I know, there are many retail store of Starbuck at Orchard Road, and 7 of which I tend to go across during my Walking Session.

Well, there might be more, but I not sure about that myself. I do know that the Tea Leaf which my Imouto prefer is also got a few retails at Orchard.

Lastly, for this month, it would seem that there are a few unexpected Rainfall, sometime sudden and quick one, or a slow and long one.

Even today while I was peeking inside Kinokuniya for some Manga and Light Novels, there was some raining which I didn't expected.

Good thing is that I got to peek and grab a few new release book. The Manga is fine, but having the Light Novel was a headaches as I yet to reach to the previous volumes yet.

But grabbing it early is good, since there are some series which release slowly after a few volumes due to unknown reason.

After peeking / grabbing of Manga and Light Novel, I do continue my walking session and sometime as far as to PoMo Building where the Anime House is, or to Sunshine Plaza where Hobby Gallery is. If I take the other path, I would ended up at Suntec or Funan depend on the next cross path I choose.

But I tend to go to Funan previously, but stopped a while when I seldom went to Funan to check on those Electronic item. Might be due to that I been going to the Courts at Lot 1 and there is a new Challenger store opened.

Computer stuff I do go to some trusty store I know at Sim Lim Square, since there are many "Black Shop" over there.

Anyway, when I back home, I will try to upload some photo I taken, if any, or do a blog post for the day, but that always ended with my lying on the bed after I taken a nice cool shower. Even today after I back, I did sleep for a while when I was thinking of taking a quick nap, which explained why this late post for today.

I do want to peek at some Light Novel and Anime for now, since I did peek into some Manga during my walking session, so for now, time to get off.
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