Friday, May 3, 2013

Peeking during Walking Session

Sometime, I take a detour and learnt of new route
It do seem like I been out on a few short and quick walking session, and so far I did went to some places to have some simple chatting session.

I may be an Otaku with knowledge of many stuffs on Anime, Manga, Light Novels, Game and Figurines, but there are some stuffs which I even not very sure, or know about it.

I do find it weird when those who I talked with will think that I do know a lot, well, the basic knowledge as an Otaku, but I more towards the Manga type, before Game and Light Novel, Anime and Figurines are fixed when I got the time.

Well, books can be easily brought around, even when I did mentioned that I seldom take it out to peek. Another reason was that during the night time, I prefer to quietly read the book than watching Anime. All due to that my dad sleeping at the living room.

My Face when I found something I want
No, it isn't my parents fighting or what, but somehow my dad loves sleeping out in the living room while my mum would have the bed for herself.

In anyway, the 2 things that I tend to a have must peek during my Walking Session are Clothes and Books.

I do go to many clothes shop, with Uniqlo the most, to check up on some clothes. Sometime I would myself some should there be any nice clothes. And yes, that is why my wardrobe always full. I tend to buy new clothes, but I don't really wear them much.

Those who go out with me a lot for Walking Sessions will noticed that I tend to wear the same clothes, but actually, it just that I just take whatever my Clean Hands would like to grab with.

I am going to clear and take out some of the newer clothes so that I will be wearing them. There are some cute like the Monster Hunter Neko one which I like wearing, but not always for walking session.

When I having a decision on choosing..
Next is Books, and that of course are Manga and Light Novels.

Sometime, especially during Kinokuniya 20% discount for Members, I would tend to grab a few new one to peek.

But that place sure got a lot of nice books to peek into, and I sure got stare at many different title before thinking of what to grab to peek into.

And since there is the 20% cheaper, of course I would grab most of the newer title which I would grab one shot. I do sometime don't grab some of the series and wait for that 20%, and when the total price is count, it's of course a lot cheaper, but the one shot price also very high.

Anyway, there are some other stuffs which I go around to check out, and grab with. Sometime I would go to Starbucks to grab a Venti size Mocha Chocolate Frappuccino and slowly drinks while Walking around.

But one thing for sure, when I walk alone, there is no time limit for me, so sometime I tend to go back way earlier, or way later. But unless I got the Mother Order, then I will go back at the time.

As for now, time to take an early nappy.
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