Sunday, May 26, 2013

Mada's Sunday Report 26 May 2013

I really do need to focus on myself, since there just too many Anime and Manga to follow, but they are just too interesting not to peek.

Well, I was playing some games that I tend to lost track of timing myself. And to think that there are a few more Light Novel left in check.

I do blogging to share some stuffs, and also it do seem like my share of life. Which is why there are times when I blog about some shops, with permission of course.

If the place is so bad, I will just ignore it and not too bad of a person to defame them in my blog. Will be a waste of my time. But if they are really good, and they do give the permission, of course I won't hesitant to take some photo shot and do some blogging.

It good to let people know that there are nice shop with good stuffs to go and take a peek. But if you want to want to take a peek at what I been up to, then here.

A little walk




You can say I do went out for some walking session myself for this week, and considering that this weekends is very long, I sure can say that there are many who went out to enjoy themselves too.

And there are days when I stay at home to peek at some anime and manga. Too many to peek, but sure worth to follow.

To think that I tend to follow about another thing when peeking into them, like when it about time to blog for the day. Yes, I do blog almost everyday, and I do make it a habit, but there are times when I forget for that day. But no matter. I will still post sometimes, or double post for the next day, if I really can drag the time beyond 24 hours. 

Basically would mean my nap time is shorten or some other stuffs being cancelled / postpone. If only I can felt more energetic each day... Or best is having teleport as a skills. That would cut my time in travelling.

Anyway, there are some anime to continue peeking, so that is for now. So much for a long weekends..
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