Monday, May 13, 2013

Mada's Anime Goods Report 13 May 2013

This week we will be having some quick and short peek at some Anime Goods, which of course being very useful.

Some are look for the peeking eye, and some very nice as decoration. So let peek at them.

First off, from the Moekana, come the MoeKanji, and this time it time to advance Japanese learning.

Culture Japan Moekanji Cards @Amiami

It was just a matter of time before Kanji come out, and other like Moehana or other might be out, or not.

One do need to be aware that there are many different dialect in Japanese, including the words, stroke and written can be different, though many spoke the same Japanese. I am more aware of Kanji myself as they are based off Traditional Chinese Words, which I was forcefully taught once by my teacher.

Which is why I still reading chinese, and tend to choose Light Novel or Manga with chinese sub. I do prefer English, as my chinese is that great, just I can go past by in some way or another. Another thing interesting about Japanese Kanji is that they can be different from the chinese meaning, and they mean in the Japanese way. But some are more easy to understand. So if one ask me about Japanese Kanji, sometime I would spoke the Chinese pronoun than Japanese.

So if you want to know the right way of speaking Kanji, and understanding what they meant, then it a good grab to learn Kanji.

But if you're thirsty after speaking for too long, don't hesitant to pause for a while and take a sip drink.

Mascot Mug @Amiami
Monster Hunter

I do drinks water halfway of a conversation, not to be rube just to drink water, but to wet my mouth and clear my throat. Can't have my voice suddenly went into a funny off-pitch sound.

Maybe taking a sip out of this cute cup might be a good distraction, if you want to stop the conversation. There are some chatting session which are good for the Listening Ear, mind and heart, but there are some which are not, like getting scolding from your boss, teacher, parent or anyone or even anything.

Personally I prefer Felyne as he is the main mascot in Monster Hunter, and I would try to get him with a good state if any. What got me interesting about this mug is that there is the little Airou just below the holder part.

And Felyne is showing the "Please Grab me home" face expression. It sure is super effective on me which I really thinking of grabbing one of the mug.
But for some person who do not prefer Mug, there is the standard glasses, and with pretty girls on them.

Glasses @Amiami

Just to inform you before you go shooting those girls are naked, they are in their swimsuit. And they do pose in a sexy way which some might mistaken.

Anyway, if I do grab one of them, I do prefer to use them as decoration, if not just to keep it as a collection. I tend to use Mug most of the time though there are time when I use Glasses, most probably is that most of the mug in my home is much bigger than the glasses, so I can drink more.

Sometime I do use tumbler or water bottle for drinking too, but that depend on mood and situation.

Some might like to just grab the whole cup, and there are some who want to grab most of the holder. Of course there are some who love to use a cup and some doesn't mind what cup they use.

There are some who got coasters to place their cup, mug or glasses so that they would slip off, or for hot water, would affect the table.

Cork Coasters @Amiami
Sword Art Online
-Kirito and Asuna
-Lyfa and Suguha
-Lisbeth and Silica 

Though most are rubber, plastic or even paper, the best choice I would choose would the one make out of cork, as they are more durable.

But since they look so plain, I must admit that adding the face of the characters many like would be a good choice. But there are some who doesn't to place anything of top, and would just grab the coasters as collection or to keep. Some would use it or decorate it on the wall instead.

I do prefer to use it if it material is cork, which I got a few coasters that are made of cork and so far they are very durable when placing hot metal pot or wok on top of it, and they don't slip off there easily.

So if you want to place some cup of hot water on top of a coaster, then you can consider about this.

And speaking of hot, it made me remember about the hot weather in Singapore for the few days, and even when I an electronic fan, I do want to use my hand to fan myself instead.

Fan @Amiami
Akatsuki no Goei
-Reika & Tae
-Reika & Kaoru
-Sizuru Nakatsu

I got the folding type fan which is easily to bring around and about, but I do prefer and like this flat out big fan instead. And yes, I do have one of them which I would use it if I find myself starting to sweat.

I don't have any Air-con, so I either use the electronic fan or use a hand-powered fan. It actually very cooling to use the hand, though there are some who will tired out easily. Even I can't use it if I went into sleep mode. If I can use my hand to fan myself when I sleeping, then something might be wrong.

Well, if you want to cool yourself after a hot / cold bath, it would give it a very strange cooling effect, especially when you can't switch on your fan due to electricity cut off or there is one near you except for that hand-powered fan.

But another thing is, those cute girls on the fan are helping to cool you off too.

I think there are some who not aware of the fan, since I come across a few who not sure about the fan and how to use it, but I think there are some who don't across a wooden strap.

Wooden Strap @Amiami
Sword Art Online

Well, they are made of wooden and they are of course Strap which are good for decorating your hand-held electronic. I do want to grab one nice strap for my PS Vita.

Straps as I mentioned before, it to differ your stuff from other, which it is a good marking strap too. If you and someone drop the same phone together on the floor, with the straps, it would be more easier to spot the different unless both are so lucky to the point that the straps are the same too.

I seem before some who use stickers or some marking on their phone. Well, nowadays there are many who use the same phone, so it best to have something like a strap to tie it to the phone. At least you won't mistake your phone for others'.

As far as we peeked, is there any anime goods do you want to grab yet?
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