Friday, May 24, 2013

Out on a Vesak Day

Today is Vesak Day, so and I wish all a happy Vesak Day. Well, it a public holiday in Singapore, so many would love it when they get one long weekends.

Well, I did went out on a short and quick walking session over at Kinokuniya for some Book Peeking, and though I did grab a few of mine, I did need to grab a few different books for my Imouto.

Vesak day is a day observed by Buddhists, but there are many people who went to celebrate it last night, and today just some who went to temple to pray.

And when I mentioned many pray last night, and today being a holiday, I did heard that there are some who went oversea, and some went out for walking session.

Today sure is crowded when I went to Orchard Road in the morning till about 2pm plus, as I need to be at home and go to temple and pray with my family.

But I didn't expect that there were many people in Kinokuniya buying books too, not just because of the 20% discount only. Even when I was queuing up for the cashier, there was a long queue that stretch to the end, which I would call it the Human MRT Queue. So long, that when I turned my head when I near the cashier, the queue behind is also long.

Maybe there was many books on stock which many book seekers are grabbing with their clean hands.

Even I did grabbed a few, and I yet to finish up on their volumes yet. Especially for the Light Novel, which I really want to finish them up, but maybe I need to rush on my game the soonest possible too.

Also, received some gifts from my Imouto, some pancake flour... Σ(゜ロ゜;)

Basically meaning that I am to cook some pancake for her, and I need to buy some milk while there just nice having a newly restocked fresh eggs. I do want to play with my figurines for a while, as well as some games, watch some anime and manga too.

Well, there some times later, so I just take a bit out of my napping time; Coffee will help me in due time later. Even when I went to toilet, I will ensure I peeking some manga though my iPhone. Well, as for now, time to peek into some anime and thinking how I can go about the pancake. The packet look too nice to even opening them.

I just afraid that my Imouto will be in Luffy mode and asking me for Pancakes. In anyways, wishing all again a Happy Vesak day and a good day.  \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/
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