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Stray Neko

Neko (Cat)
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Most probably it common around in many parts of the world too, but the one thing I loved about Neko is how cute they are.

Well, from many series of Manga and Anime, there is any much stray dog, but stray cat are more common in this common day of life.

The thing is, those Neko can be daring at times to even jumping to the top of someone's car to relax. I used to watch many Neko would prefer to hide under the car instead.

And also sometime they would run away from people, which show their fear of being near a person. Interestingly, many people would try way to get near a Neko, which is why some would have some cat treat to give to the Neko.

Those stray neko are hungry since they don't get to eat much, and not many would go and feed them, but now it a bit different in this Era. At first my family would feed a few with some cat treat, but after a while, we noticed that not many of the Neko would eat.

It was then I noticed that there were some person who feed some other food to the Neko. Not sure if they cook extra, or just that they don't want to waste the food, which ended giving to the Neko. Well, they got something to eat is better then getting hungry. ( ̄◇ ̄;)

neko cute

What many would love about the Neko is that many seem to like to listen to the "Meow" made by those fluffy neko, even if they are dirty due to sleeping on many different floor, and in Singapore, the drain got a few of them which they called home.

Sometime I wonder where did those Neko disappear to, or appear from no where. Since those Neko got their legs and paws, they can walk about and around, which sometime one can find the same Neko at different places. 【・ヘ・?】

Maybe some are the adventurous type and want to walk about and around. Another reason would be that due to the owners of the "territory" which some neko felt that they owned that place.

I seen some who fight due to trespassing. Also, sometime when a cat want to mark it place, they would brush themselves against the place wall. So if a neko brush itself against you, it likely to show that it leaving it scent on you.

My dad once got brushed by one stray Neko, and when he reached home, our house cat went up to him and take a sniff at the smell. The reaction-> He got really angry at my dad for being with another cat. (◣_◢)

Yes, Xiong Mao is the easily jealous neko in our house. Also, another way of marking their places would be pee, so be careful to leave your stuffs near a neko; you might get more than what you wish for. (・`ω´・)

Neko sleeping on a chair

I still remember when there one "bad" neko whose went and pee at my dad's wooden plank which he left at one side temporary. My imouto went to whack his butt as punishment. ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━

The second amazing thing which my Imouto also did once was when she try to stop 2 stray neko from fighting by telling them not to fight. ∑(O_O;)

Don't just think that neko do not fight, they do fight if they don't agree on something, pretty much like human, just that they got the skill move "Bite" and "Scratch". I not sure what their Level is, since they are not Pokemon but anyway, if you do seen some neko fighting, the best way to stop them is actually scare them by creating some noise distraction.

This will stop their fight and having them wonder what sound or noise that was distracting. If those neko going to attack you, just cause a louder noise and they will run off.

But I do think that I do prefer to look at sleeping Neko than a scary neko. But since Xiong Mao came, I played with him a lot than I thought at first, and to think that he been with us for 3 years. (*´▽`*)

Also, a Neko would love some patting and touch, but if they hate it, they will either back off, or attack. I do have been bitten or scratched before, which take some days to heal off. Anyway, when that happen, you better back off, but slowly to prevent the neko from running off or continuing attacking.

It also been bit common that the best timing to go near and take a closer look at stray neko is when they having their nap. They just look double the cuteness when napping, maybe due to their close eye, which show how peaceful they are. Many different Neko have different way of nap; some like to lie down flat, and some like to cuddle up into a ball.

too cute

Another reason why many would also loved Neko is when they do come near to you and try to be friendly with you. And when that happen, they might "Meow" at you, which give the killing blow to any Neko Lover.

Don't think that everyone would give in to that "Meow", as there are lover, there also the hater. Why do people hate Neko might be due to personal reason, or for some, health problem. Some people had allergy to Neko which is why they tend to stay away from neko.

If you do know some with that illness, do not let them go near the neko as it will be a big problem for them. Interestingly, there are some who still love neko despite the illness, and so they buy a doll cat. I do remember my imouto having a doll cat which she loved so much as that time we couldn't keep a neko.

Xiong Mao case is different as he come into our house as a kitten at the size of my palm, but now he so huge, we all need to use both our hand to carry him, which is like carry some heavy bag around, and it can move and "meow". ヽ(´ー`)┌

Another thing about Cat hater, is that there is a few of them who abuse the cat if they can grab one. There been cases in Singapore where Cat who were abuse by people who use fire to burn some parts, or cut them. The worst one is throwing them off building, and letting them die from the height.

A cat might survive from a height, but there are some who will jump if the height is too high. They might be the best lander after a jump from a height, but they can't after a certain height. Sadly, this is the common worst cat abuse in Singapore. (。┰ω┰。)

I heard that there are some who vent their angry on animals, and sadly, Neko are in their list of abuse. The only thing I can advise them is to visit a doctor and seek help first. Then if they did kill a neko or two, give himself or herself to the police. Animal abuse is a serious crime, even in Singapore.

It really hurts the heart of Neko Lovers. (´∩`。)


I am also a Neko Lovers on top of Bunny Lovers. But since I never heard what a bunny sound like, the only thing I can think of is Meow~.

I mean, for Neko Lovers or those who don't mind a Neko, isn't "Meow" the best sound coming from a neko other than it purring?

Ok, let compare someone making a "Meow / Nyan" and a Neko making the sound. Unless the someone is a cute and pretty girl in a sexy neko suit, then it a different story. But when a Neko said it, it just made someone want to pat / touch it, and some to give them some food to bite on.

There are many who love to "speak" with neko by "Meow"ing or "Nyan"ing. I did the same thing too, and the most epic thing that happen to me when I "meow" to Xiong Mao was having it reply a sound like "Huh?", which shocked the whole lot out of my family and me.

And to think that I was just playing with it only.

There are some playful Neko, so there are some who bring some cat toy to play with them. As neko can easily get curious on things, they tend to try to attack anything that move other than human. I did seem a Neko who show off it power by scaring off an owner with 2 big dogs. Amazingly the dogs just back off.

Anyway, those neko would like to play around, especially when their curiosity kicked in, but there are some who do not give a damn about the thing, and would ignore those thing. IF that happened, don't try to go near, it might annoy them and attack you instead.

If not is they just run off, but for some hungry neko, some good might be a blessing for them. I been around to see some who would bring some extra cat treat or food in their bag or vehicle, and take them out to feed those neko when they see one.

The big bags of cat food might be expensive, but a smaller packet is more better choice. It not like everyday you will confirm get to see those stray neko and go and feed them. Some might been fed by other people, and so you will need to see if they come up to you and asking for food.

When to know when a neko is hungry?

The common one would be they will come near to you and meow a lot, if you got the dry cat treat, then give a few to test if it's hungry, if it do not eat, then it's not hungry. But most cat treat are the wet one, either the can, or packet. But most of the time I fed, they come up to me and want to take some bite.  (⌒_⌒;)

Neko sleeping under my working place

So far I do not worry about using just one small packet of cat food. Most cat do not eat much, so when you encounter 2 or more neko together, try to split the packet into different share. Also, do not place each share near to each other, some neko might not like to eat with each other.  _φ(°-°=)

And if you do not have enough, or you think those neko do not have enough, next time get an extra spare one just in case. Sometime one packet is enough as so far I do not encounter them everytime. If I do come across a neko, it not the same one. ヾ(*´ー`)ノ

In the past, my house void desk used to have many stray neko around, until one day when the cat catchers come and it was hardly to see one neko around. Just only a few years ago did we see a few of them around.

I did go around Singapore and seen many different stray neko, and some from my friends. But my family and I do treasure our own neko, and to think my dad give it the "perfect" name - Xiong Mao (Panda in chinese).

Well, it because it black and white, same like a panda, and it's tails is in the shape of small fluffy ball, which is the same a real panda. And don't think this Neko of ours only eat meat, it do like Honey Melon and Papaya. Also my imouto tend to choose his favor cat treat which is made of fruit. At first we had to test and try which one he prefer. (」゚ペ)」

Some Neko are very picky about food, like some prefer fish and some prefer chicken. They are like human, like some of us who do not like vegetable and some like hate seafood. I even had my list of food which I do not like to eat.

I do admit that I like drinking Ice Strawberry tea and Strawberry milk, but I do not like to eat strawberry. The funny thing I ever come across is someone like to eat strawberry cake, but do not want the strawberry inside.  (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

be careful

Last thing to note about stray neko, as much as I hate to say this, but one need to be careful about them and that is the dirt and germ they might had in their body.

I know many would love to pat them, hug them, touch them, but the thing is, after that you will need to wash your hand and/or body or you might get sick due to the germs. Those neko might lick themselves clean, but they do not wash themselves. House Neko are different as most owners will give their neko a shower or bath to clean them. 〆(・∀・@)

The hard part is when we need to dry them, and it best to use the hairdryer to dry them fast or they might catch a cold. Neko do not really afraid of the water, just that they hate the cold. You can use a very warm water and let the neko go near, they might hate it at first, but will get use as time go by.

If it cold, then they will jump or run off. Due to their fur, they got a hard time to dry themselves. Like for our body, when we are wet, the first to dry is the skin, but the hair will still be wet. My imouto might give Xiong Mao a quick warm bath, but when I drying him, it take me an hour or so.

But the fur will be more softer and nicer to touch after that. (@´_`@)

Stray Neko fur might be rough due to sleeping on the floor for too much, which got dirt on the, and we do know that outside floor can be very dirty. Some might sleep in drain or some other places we do not know, but I not stopping you from going near those cute neko. In fact, those neko do like someone to touch and pat them.

So it okay to touch and pat them, but do remember to wash your hand after that.


In anyway, there are many different neko, not only in Japan, Singapore or anywhere, but almost in many part of the world. I do remembered when I read about Neko being god in Egypt, but I not sure much of the detail. If you do want to know about more about Neko, you can read up some on Wikipedia, or check Google for more.

I remembered speaking with one Malay family when my imouto showed off Xiong Mao at the hospital. I was told that they prefer cat as they like to be tidy and clean, and neko are a good sign of thing for them. When I told them that Xiong Mao just hop into our household as a kitten though the door, they straight away said that it a very good and lucky sign.

There even the thing about Black Neko. In some countries, they might be sign of bad luck, in some other, they are sign of good luck. So there are many different things about Neko, but to me, they are just so cute not to peek on, and maybe some patting to them.

So, do you like Neko?
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