Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mada's Sunday Report 12 May 2013

What I can said for this week is that I sure been reading up some some Light Novels, listening to new Anime Songs, and of course playing some Play Station 3 / Vita games.

So next week will be having some walking session to peek around and about. Still, best for my stomach rest for a while first, I still very full from my late bite at grandmother's place.

Today might be a good day to go out and celebrate Mother day, since it a very hot and sunny day, which many go to shopping mall to walk, eat and buy stuffs, some stay at home instead while some other go and visit their mother to celebrate.

For me this week I been going out for some quick walk and grabbing of food, even I did went and bought the screen protector for my PS Vita; can't risk having scratches on the screen as time go by.

I really amazed at the PS Vita is that there isn't much game for now, but many things like the screen protector, memory stick and some other stuffs are only PS Vita exclusive. The screen protector was very easy to paste on the vita and it good for the taste too.

After pasting it, I did let my Imouto have some touch and feel, and giving to play some games. So far there are some simple games inside, on top to the Soul Sacrifice, and I did grab the softcopy of Ragnarok Odyssey to play with since it was my type game. Too bad I didn't get the Tales Series game yet. I will still yet to finish on the Tales of Graces F to the ending myself.

Anyway, if you want to take a quick peek at what I been up too for this week, here are the links.

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-Celebrating Mother Day 2013

I yet to peek into some of the older season anime, so I will be peeking into them during sometime next week, and of course I will try to post on them.

Some were peeked but because I can easily forget some of the story, I decided to do a quick peek into them to refresh my memories before I going post them up. The most problematic of posting Anime, Manga or Light Novel for me is that I need to have the better understanding of the story plot first.

Next is to check up on Wikipedia, Anime New Network, or some other sites for information, data, confirming on the story and info before I started to post. Also I need to check on some sites to see if they can stream Anime or view the Manga.

I got my other mean to peeking into them, especially for the Anime, but I not going to post it out cos I don't want such a good site to go down. I may be watching Anime for free, but if there is the original disc from Japan on sale in Singapore, I might go and grab it with my clean hands.

After all the links and info are compile, then I will start on the story plot, if you wondering what format of the series I go about, then go and read some of the posts out.

Just click on the type of Post at the top and choose either [MAG] or [Anime and Manga], and MAG is the short term of Manga, Anime and Games.

Just that I been using anime and manga more often instead. There been over 100 plus series which I been peeking, still following, watched their endings, so I do shared them around, and let many Peekers to peek into them. Manga view would be my recommendation since most sites for manga are still around, just that Anime would be a headaches.

If you able to stream them, them it good for you, but if not, try to check and ask Google for help. Just don't go "buy" from some sites, as they take profits for them, Crunchyroll however is another story, since I did peek into Anime most of my time in the past. Now I got other mean of peeking into Anime.

Sometime I watch Anime or Manga is after when I played game for a hour or two and want to take a break. But if I playing with friends like on-line games or with them on console games, then it a whole different level.

And I will of course get into my Serious Gaming Mode, and will not smile at all. Anyway, sometime I do prefer to peek into Manga and Anime, and sometime Light Novels, Gaming is when I got the mood. Reason is that I go so many different series I yet to peek.

I can recommend many different series, and I did pass some to people I know, but so far I get the reply of "Not enough Time", which I find it a very easy to solve, just peek at them during toilet break, travelling or before sleep. Even my Imouto peek into Anime during breakfast, lunch or dinner. I prefer to lie down on my bed and peek. Sometime I sit down on my comfy chair instead to have a more closer look.

Well, it still up to each individual, since there are many people with different taste, favor, like / dislike for Anime, Manga, Games and Light Novels, so I only give recommendation and my opinion, idea, views and stuffs about what I peeked. It up to the person to choose what he or she like to peek into.

I can't go forcing something into someone, but recommend or persuading would be a better way to introduce Anime and Manga to many other. I do know a few people that they watch Anime but don't like Manga, and some who peek into Manga but not into Anime. Well, it all their preference and taste indeed.

Well, anyway for me now, time to sort out some of the anime songs in my favor lists again; I do need to pass some to my imouto too.
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