Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hiding Spot Changing - Pasting Wallpaper Day 2

This time is the pasting of the wall paper on other side of the wall, since I am going to shift the wardrobe the other side.

Well, I do want to make my bed next to my computer so that I can lie down and watch anime. Too bad I don't have wireless mouse, but let try not to be too lazy for now.

Pasting Wall paper seem easy, but the problem always start when you need to remove or shift some furniture first.

Yesterday I mentioned that I need to take off the figurines, Manga, Light Novels, Games and other stuffs before shifting the bookshelf out, and pasting the wall paper.

This time was the shifting of the bed and wardrobe, which is 2 big boy in my room. There also a heavy white drawer which I also need to shift it to one side first.

Well, this time it would seem that it made me even more tired than I expected, even I didn't have the strength to paste the wall paper at first, but oh well, need to get it done, and fast too.


Getting the bed and the wood plank support out first, and of course it heavy, my parents choose the most firm type, and I been napping on it for nearly 10 years, or maybe going to 10 years.

The mattress didn't change but the bed frame by far I got change a lot. And I did sleep on the floor on top of the mattress before.

Lying down was a problem since I like sitting a bit higher. Which is why my current bed is very very high.

If got the chance, I do want to get back to the normal one, but still fine with the current. Like they say, no bed is better than own bed.


I do need to wipe clean the wall before pasting it up. Can't let dirt lying about on the wall.

Spray some liquid soap and wipe it with a dry cloth or paper. Don't worry if the wall is too slippery, once the soap dry, it will be little bit sticky but fine.

We do need that layer of soap there, just in case you need to pull the sticker during your pasting period, or to remove the wall paper in future when you don't want / need it, or having a house painting day.


As I mentioned yesterday, the hardest part of the pasting is the peeling and sticking of the wallpaper.

The pasting isn't that hard, if you got the control. Even so, wanting the paper to align properly need the patience and time to do it.

And I not that skills when doing this.


There are some extra on the side, but no problem since the wardrobe is going to cover it up anyway.


Yesterday didn't cute the wallpaper since it just plain flat, but this time the wall got the switch, so in near future my parent are considering to re-do the whole house wiring again.

Not sure how it will be, and so not to paste over the wiring casing, I need to cute some parts away before pasting.


And this time is pasting the wall paper to near the ceiling. Well, the wardrobe much taller than the bookshelf.

The left side extra not going to be an issue.


Voila! Pulling the Whole Wardrobe, with the top stuffs and clothes not removed. And of course it is very heavy, which is why I spray some slippery floor soap on the floor to let it be more slippery~

Just a little pull and once the "legs" of the wardrobe catch one, it an easy shifting of the wardrobe. But because it work way better than I expected, I pull the wardrobe and fall backward, and even when I grab the wardrobe, it actually slide with me.

Good thing I catch myself somehow and slowly pull the wardrobe the position I want it to be.

The good thing about the wall paper this time is that it mix in well with the wardrobe. Maybe a bit too well since the color is almost matching.


Inspector Xiong Mao coming over to inspect how the wall paper is, and of course he want it perfectly even when this is my hiding spot.


Even Xiong Mao find it more easier to look at the TV Screen when lying on the bed.

Since pasting of the wall paper is done, about time to do some clearing up in my hiding spot to ensure the place is neat and tidy.

Well, there still some arrangement need to be done, and so it need some more time.
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