Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Post after 2 years

Well.. 2 years had passed not just a wink or blink of an eye to be exact,
but even if so, serving National Service as a NSF sure can confirmed that it had many advantages and disadvantages, but now that i had a stable computer to use, i so going to do back what i had been doing since then;
- Reviewing on Manga and Anime
- Catching up on Games, but mostly Play Station 3 or Nintendo Wii/DS series
- Update on some daily stuff

the above are what i been doing during my Poly life when i was very bored, but PS3 was an add-on which i brought during NSF....
But the most IMPORTANT things that must be done is; "A Stable Job/Work" with a "Girlfriend" as a bonus, if possible XD...

Also during NSF period while i serving, i took many new liking which make me want to know more on Japan 'MAG' culture: "OTAKU".

Although currently is a 'NEET', at home doing 'MAG' [Manga / Anime / Games], there is also a limit to many thing which i can follow and do, but that do not stop me from coming back here to do some blogging.

Well, i do many updates in Facebook which is very convenient nowadays and many people are doing so, including Danny Choo, but that for now, this blogging is just the first step for me to come back as the old me, but at the same time, modified than improve me...


When Dream become a reality, it always possible as long as it is a goal in your life, even if it just a short one.
You can try to customize your Motor Bike to something like that, don't even try it on the road in Singapore or Japan, even if you cosplayed as Saber while riding it... at any scenario, you'll possibly not just only attracted the police, but also the eye of the passer-by... and maybe the headline in the news.. >_<

Ok, that for now, will update more on Manga which i am currently following now...
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