Thursday, August 13, 2009

So LONG NVR post~


i think i been too busy doing my stuff

i dun wanna talk about the past..
because i forgot most of them

even when national day past i nvr post....
so i think i just make a short quick one

currently i helping my grandpa looking after his shop
in Aljunied
i working there and i have irregular time
so i have got alot of personal stuff i have to put off

another some or so is that i resting myself when i reached home
because i working around 7am~1pm
so the time i have to wake up is around 5am
so i very tired....
working in morning
rest in noon
do some stuff and continue resting

wanna know what i work as now?
sell clothes~ only~
there some people also sell clothes there
so there no way one can find me so easily

even so
my father decided to rent that shop...
my grandpa been selling clothes in that shop for
over 16 years..
my grandpa say is 18 years..
i know the place there and
i work there since i was young before
starting from primary school myself

sometime around secondary school...
and stop on my poly life ...
now after graduating
i now waiting enlistment to NS
so i decided to open that shop since
many aunties know that place...
but my father decided to rent that shop off
through i do not say it not a bad idea
i still that the shop did have it own unique to me
cos it been selling only clothes
den my father say there someone who want to sell shoe there
so i do not know
but i cant always work there
my grandpa now 70 plus
i wonder if dad decided to rent it out..

i still think grandpa can go there to work
not i saying that he too old to work
and i forcing him to work
we can see that he more energetic going to work
then lying restless at home and watching tv
for stock market..

i myself wonder what to do though
even i dun even have the say

read my manga and play psp game and ignore this...
i wonder what to do even so...

but i think any people can help myself...
just read and ignore me can be good...

Good Day
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