Sunday, May 17, 2009

Time gone

i did forgot about my blog..
but i really dun really want to write a blog..
sometime i will..

maybe tml..

anyway i got myself a facebook
so i got..
and now facebook..
i actually dun really want to go for this..
but i think facebook more better..
so i think i might use that more then blogger..

i might discont tagged
but still check it out...
i actually fully discont friendster..
but i still check it .. but very less

and for that time my birthday.

i will talk about it next time
not a very good one..
but i it good enough for me haha

because i dun want to post in blogger every now and then..
i will use facebook share

so if you wanna check me out
just check that out
i using that to put on link of manga i read and follow..
or stuff i find interesting...
to some...

that will see.
cos i sometime will talk a lot
and sometime dun
so it depend..
but it good that blogger and facebook can be link..

so it will be more prefer to just check that out
if there is a long post
i will use blogger
other than that it facebook..

tagged.... i start to wonder ..

bye and good day!
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