Thursday, September 27, 2012

Grabbing a PS3 Super Slim

Before I even started out with some Game posting, I will tend to aim on PS3 Game console, which is my Main Gaming Console, while Wii come later.

Not that Xbox can kick one side, but simply due to no Money and Space to place it.

Anyway, One game console is enough, until maybe in near future.

For those who want a new PS3 for whatever reasons like No PS3, or old one not working well, then you can consider grabbing the latest Re-designed PS3, which is more Smaller, Lighter and Cheaper than it previous versions.

Well Known as PS3 Super Slim, it really something that gave me a shock at how big different it can seem, but it STILL a PS3. Surely enough with many good points, it also got it bad side.

Same as it previous version, the specification still pretty much the same, just that it more Cheaper since there was some cost cutting around.

And you might want to grab a HDMI cable separately if you going to grab it, because in the unboxing Video, Sony PS still don't provide one for you. They give you the Old RBG Cable.

You may choose to use the cable they provide, but I would say HDMI is much better. Not sure whether if Sony don't like HDMI cable, or they manufactured too many RBG Cable.

And I throw my RBG Cable to Who Know Where.

Since it much more Lighter and Smaller, now you can bring it around to your friends' house and play PS3 with them.

The price is also much Cheaper, and the Hard Disk actually gotten much more!!

250 GB cost around @ $269 while 500 GB @ $299. I would say you could pay $30 more in for additional 250GB.

(250 GB - 24,900 Yen | 500 GB - 29,800 Yen)

But as I mentioned, there are some bad points to it, though one can easily brush off that, if one is just going to grab it and play PS3 games.

Because it more lighter, it can stand on it, which is why it come with a stand, but it not really an issue, but it did showed that it the same width/height as the previous PS3 Slim.

Secondly, the top of the CD-Rom is plastic and you will need to place the disc in, unlike the original one where you just slide the disc in and run it.

I was later told that the previous one got some metal plate which Muffler the sound when running the disc, and the Video did mentioned that the Disc run more louder than it previous version.

But still, not an issue since the Game Music, Sound, BGM will be much more louder than the running Disc. And do be aware that ALL PS3 tend to overheat, which the fans in the PS3 Super Slim are very small, and letting me wonder if I could cook a egg on top once it overheat.

Overall, Not bad for something which is more Smaller, Lighter and even more cheaper than it previous Version. But there are rumor of PS4 too.

As far as I peeked, if you don't have a PS3 and want to grab one, OR you need a new PS3, then you can consider grabbing PS3 Super Slim.

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