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Renai Shimasen Ka?

Renai Shimasen ka?
Won't we love?

Creator - Tachibana Roku

Series - Manga
Published in Young Ace, Kadokawa
1 Volumes [Ongoing]

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Story Plot start with Fuwa Rito, an Otaku with his 2 Bad Company playing gal game, and they had claimed that they lack something and are very unpopular with girls.

They got a kouhai in their group though. Ruri is child hood friend who had a crush on Fuwa, and after hearing that the boys want to have a girlfriend, Ruri ask her friends to help to check what type of girl do Fuwa like.

She arranged a Goukon between her friends and the bad company at a Maid Cafe at Akibahara, but unknown to both, one of the maid employee turned out to know Fuwa.

At first Fuwari is a pretty popular maid and she got her doubt about Fuwa until he mentioned his name to Ruri's friends.

Also, it was revealed that the reason why Fuwa turned into 2D is due to his reason of not trusting the 3D (Real) girls. Interesting, he was very popular during his middle school and he got a few confession which he turned them down. One of the flashback shown that Fuwa was afraid that the confession turned out to be a joke by the other girls.

Even I would admit that that kind of Joke Confession can be a seriously bad joke, and it seem to affect Fuwa in a way that he can turn to 2D girls.

Well, his 2 bad company maybe what many would say the Real Otaku in the group and to think that they both will do anything to get Fuwa in trouble if he really get a girlfriend.

Due to Fuwa's bad flashback and admitting that he don't trust girls, he later was confessed and asked to be Fuwari's boyfriend as love practice for 1 month.

Her reason being that she is bad with boy and is very shy, and that she want to also help Fuwa improve his impression on real girls. Talk about openly confessing somewhere in Akibahara and Fuwari was still working too. Fuwa did wanted to turn her down at first.

On their first date, Fuwa was trying way to get both Fuwari and himself to be alone before turning her down, but very strangely, the Bad Company Duo seem to be every where in Akibihara.

No matter where Fuwa try to hide and dragging Fuwari at the same time, the duo can just appear anywhere, even appear way before them when Fuwa suppose to be faster.

Maybe Real Otaku can also Teleport like how Goku of Dragon ball did. Just think and appear anywhere. Another funny fact is how the both of duo being introduced as Bad company 1 and 2.

Sakagami Tomohiko and Sakragi Akihiro did mentioned that Akibahara is their home ground, so it may not be a surprise why they know the way in and out. But I like how Fuwa trying to avoid them on his first date, and from rejection at first turning into a real date though he just avoiding the Duo.

Later on both Fuwa and Fuwari went and take some drink, and to think that Fuwari is actually a bad drinker and ended up kissing Fuwa. Though they had avoid the Bad Company Duo, Ruri saw the kissing scene and was very angry to the point that she told her friends and the Bad Company.

It also seem that both Fuwari and Fuwa are showing sign of their love and feeling when the other get near to opposite gender. Ruri did try her ways to get near Fuwa in a bit more aggressive way, and showing her cuteness.

Funny thing how the Bad Company Duo are angry at Fuwa for finding a girlfriend first and how they threaten to leak Fuwa's "Secret" though it doesn't seem to happen.

The mission of Ruri getting close to Fuwa and making Fuwari give up their love seem to be a failure and it actually make the couples closer. But Ruri isn't going to give up just yet and she is trying her ways to stop both of them.

Ruri seem aware of the events that happen during Middle school, but unknown to both, Fuwari is one of the girls that told Fuwa that the confession was a joke which caused Fuwa not to trust girls.

Ruri's reason for liking Fuwa due to his kindness when he helped her to get her shoe, which were throw to the top of the shoe locker by her bully. As for Fuwari, it seem that she knew Fuwari too during Middle school and was in love with him due to his kindness too.

And no matter how Ruri try to get close to Fuwa and breaking Fuwari away, the couples would ended up closely, and with some help from the Maid cafe manager. But a Master and Kouhai relation with Fuwa did earned him the wrath of passerby during one Anime/Manga event.

Initially, I was wondering just how the story might go, but to think that this 1 month relationship can seem to be a short one between Fuwa and Fuwari, even Fuwari is aware of that.

How it did seem that the two of them can be one nice couples, though Fuwari seem to be afraid of letting Fuwa know that she was the girl told him that the confession during middle school was a joke.

But the main reason was to actually help her best friend who confessed to Fuwa at first. Seem like the lie can hurt not just one person and to think that the lie actually change the life of the 2 of them, and on top of that Fuwari is actually thinking and remember Fuwa for 7 years. Just how great can that love and lie be.

If you really want to know how the story plot go and how couples trying out their love practice with someone trying to break them up, you might want to take a peek at Renai Shimasen Ka?

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