Sunday, January 20, 2013

Mada's Sunday Report 20 January 2013

Well, it not Rainy much for now, but I would love the rain at night so I can cuddle in my bed more tonight, the same as the day before.

But considering that, I think many would hate Monday more tomorrow since it would be such a hate to waste a nice napping session.

Well, I might get the imperial order from my dad to help him tomorrow, since I had rest more than enough as my health is improving after the kidney stone naturally pass out.

Considering that this week I was clearing and cleaning up, the spring cleaning is being taken place in my house, since the Chinese New Years is also approaching, which is good for some, and bad for some.

That depending on who need to give hong bao (red packets) and who going to receive it. I not marry nor had a girlfriend, so I on the receiving end. But considering that, I kind of embarrass to take it though.

In anyway, getting some nice new clothes is also one tradition, which I got that cover, for my pant and shoe, Shirt wise would need some rethinking first. Still that is fine, but the first to celebrate would be my Mum's birthday first which is around less than 10 days.

My mum had started clearing off some stuffs, and so do I, but my sister got her projects, so I need to help her a bit, and giving her some idea for her works.

It help me in some ways, but as an elder brother, I do give her some advice like how it go by in some anime. But we are in normal sliding relation. I do want to go for other normal girls myself too.

Anyway, since it the 3rd week of some the current anime season, I got some rough idea on some anime, so I'll try to post up some of the anime which I'm currently on the watch, well some are past season which I yet to post on.

And here are the Figurines, Anime Goods and Manga report for this week too.

As for now, I will be continuing on some books which I was peeking since I taking a break from the cleaning.

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