Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mada's Sunday Report 6 January 2013

To think that I actually post very little for this week, so I will need to post back 2 more post next week.

Well, Reason being I went out for some walking session, but to think that I actually been just walking like a Zombie and tend to forget some of my stuffs sometimes.

I wonder what happening to me.

But there are a few Manga and Anime which I been peeking, so they will be making a good sharing next week. Plus I actually forget I haven't introduced Saber Nendoroid to BRS Nendoroid.

They both seem able to be good friends from what I see, so I can worry less while doing some packing up and planning what I will be doing for this month.

But my schedule can be change accordingly. And my dad did ask me for help again though it not that I mind actually. Even so, time can sure past by so fast when I peeking manga and anime.

There is my Dual Gundam which I need to finish it up, and maybe I need to get a spray can for finishing touches. Wonder how it will turn up.

Also this week, I peeked into Dangerous and Power girls in this week Figurines Reports, so just click on the bold blue wording and check those girls out.

Because they are so powerful, they are good to be next with, but also dangerous if cross their line.

So take a peek into the Anime Goods report is you want to know how to appeal them. Funny things is how I actually place up Anime Goods report before Figurines Report.

Even I been wondering what I been doing for the past few day, so I will doing some little research and will be into one random topic like what I did before for how to ride a bike or enjoy viewing the flower scenery "Hanami".

Random once in a while is good to share, so just wait and see what I been wanting to post.

Not like I seem a demon or ghost, if not I will be asking Ao no Exorcist for help.

There are also many other Exorcists which I can ask for help, but it depend on who is free. I wonder if reading those Light Novel as Sutra will help me or not though.

Never try, never know, so I need to read some of them too, and seem my Imouto bought a Tablet, which she agree to share, I can go download a few and add it to her tablet for reading.

She also requested that I put a few of my favors into her, as she want to take a peek into some of them. Of course I can just imagine she having many problems like not understanding some of the words, or thinking how some of the fight go about.

But I'm sure she can push and pull it though. Well, Anime/Manga type Light Novel are very good for leisure reading, which I also peek a few. I collect the Chinese wordings, since I can understanding those words but unable to read most of them. At least I got my Mum which is good in Chinese while I good in English for my Family. I actually sometime laugh at the way my dad and imouto speak their English which I need to correct them, but I do prevent my laughter.

As for now, a few quick peek at Anime before napping.

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