Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rainy for nearly a day

Oh wow, the rain that started last night and been down for more than nearly a day sure stop around now, but if it get any colder, I would actually wish the rain would turn to snow.

That would be the first shocking new in Singapore for today, if that actually happened, but that hardly the case.

It's not that there heavy rain or wind, but just constant non stop of raining, which I got a very good night nap, since the rain started from around 12 Midnight at my area.

Not sure about other places in Singapore, but the weather was just so cool and nice indeed. I'm sure many would love to stay at home and cuddle on the bed, but for me I need to help my dad instead.

I not sure about other people who got a bad hair day due to the humid in the rain, but my skin during the morning was way too soft and smooth. Not that I saying or anything, but my pants was trying to drop on me.

Wish I would get a rope and tie it to me, but later on getting drench from the rain just make me forget about it. I think I going to get a cold from it, but to think that the nearby Market Clinic Doctor went for his National Service Reservist, so there no doctor at the moment.

Meaning to say, both my mum and I need to take some Holy Poison Pills that store in our Medication Box and hope it will work.

Today, my mum was using my computer in the afternoon to watch some nice Korean Drama, and good thing I set every thing up and nicely, so she doesn't need to think too much on how to use my computer. But due to the fact that she is afraid of spoiling my and Imouto computer or electronic devices, she tend not to touch it, so I am perfectly safe from some stuffs. If I do get a girl in future, I will need to reconsider the safety zone.

In anyway, the raining session was sure very long today, though not that long like the prolong for Tokage no Ou even though the book is good to peek into, and I like how the action go in the Manga too. But the starting part did got me wondering head and tail on the story board and plot.

Think I best go make a Teru Teru Bozu to wish for a good next weather tomorrow, or I can turn it upside down and wish for a constant rain.

I do wish to have a good nap tonight, and I believe a few out there also wish for the same thing as well.

As for now, time to let my mum use the computer to watch her Korean Drama~

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Filebook said...

haha. love your post. looking forward for more.