Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Grabbin' Some Stuffs 4

Went out with my Parents to went and grab some stuffs, since Chinese New Years is nearing, so there were some offer and discounts.

My Parents got their Sparkly Peeking Eyes activated during the Walking session, and they just had to get some fake but flesh Flower and along with a moving flying fake bird.

The one that getting very happy from seeing the bird would be our pet cat, Xiong Mao.

The flowers sure look very nice, though the bird caught the most attention. Also I did went to get a new bed sheets, since I going to throw off a lot of old and spoiled one. No point keeping them, since it Chinese New Year where old must go and new will come.

Well, of course not all the old one must go, I still keeping some old one, which are still in good condition. Old must go is meant for the spoil one, and there are some who keep some old stuffs in good condition; Like the very same shoe which my dad keep for 24 Years when he wear it for his Marriage.

Well, he did went it occasionally, when he need to go for big event where formal clothing is required, or when he go for Chinese New Years, though for the past few years he been wearing normal shoe instead. I got my own new shoe which I gotten last year.

Well, I did want to get another one, but if I unable to get that, the current one which I had is also fine.

Also very interestingly, I gotten 2 dozen of pants (3/4) which I been trying to have my Clean hands grabbing them since for a year or two.

Well, my family know the boss and boss lady, so I was able to grab it under SGD 100, though the actually price of one would be more than that.

Got some way to get some cheap clothes since I been on that line of business before, but sometime I will still see the materials first before deciding. I still having most of my clothes from Uniqlo now. Those pants I grab are for normal casual wear, when I don't felt like any pants with Zipper.

Well, sure got a lot of grabbing for a short walking session with my parents.

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