Friday, September 28, 2012


Dead or Alive 5
Known as DOA 5
Series - Dead or Alive (DOA)

Developed by Team Ninja
Published by Tecmo Koei

Directed by Yohei Shimbori

Console - PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
[3D Fighting Game]

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(Credits - Photo-Taken from IGN and GameFAQs)

Another Game series which got released just recently, and a game which I played since young. Another good point?

It out on PS3 and Xbox 360, so Wii only User will need to grab them, but if you're going for PS3, considering grabbing the latest Super Slim PS3.

I did play all 4 Series of the DOA, from it first release on Play Station, and including the Volleyball on Xbox Series, which I not very good in.

Some would say that this game can be considered as Fan Service, due to the Girl fighting.

I like some of the DOA Girl myself. (#^-^#)

But that is one point, and I like DOA, which is one of the oldest Series for 3D Fighting Game, and this time, they added in some fighters from Virtual Fighters which is also another 3D Fighting Game.

From the gameplay of the latest DOA 5, one can notice that there were many changes, like how the fighting moves of each characters becoming more Faster and more Dynamic.

They also added in the new Triangle Move System, where Hold counter Strike which counter Throw and the cycle continue.

Pretty much like playing Scissor-Paper-Stone, but even so, from what I peeked over the Game Play Video, unlike it previous version, it more like a Normal Fighting since the Action is all very fast pace, Smoother Animation and Better Action.

There are also other additional points like Critical Combo and Power Blow which do more damages.

What more?

Even the Stages the characters are going to fight will be even more Dangerous, more Dynamic and even More Damaging.

I can't explain, tell or wonder how those Fighters are going to survive those hits from even de-railed Flying Train, or Battle Tanks and Helicopter which can shoot some Big Bullets and do very cool action, and yet seem to do little damages to your Health Point.

But what I can say is -> Dead or Alive, they don't care whether you Live or Die.

Logic? -> It just a game! There even a word "Friction" just to prove it.

Very good actions, moves and fighting style for the new Tag Team action, but I wonder how those Tag In Action when they switch with characters seem to be very imbalance.

You can switch in as much as you want, which would make the characters Teleporting into and hitting the opponents.

But what the good points on Tag Team is that one can see all the Cool Action on how they Handicapped on one for some Moves Set.

One can throw one into the Air and another leg the opponents later on.

Doing it with the Stage Dynamic Action will do more damages than one expected.

It also seem that there is a specify tag team move set for some Team, which make it their own Unique Tag Team move.

The graphics in this game is much better and good looking with the Animation being more smoother, which explained why the dynamic fighting move and the flashy stages look very great.

But there are some points by other review where the Story and some other that need some improvements, but I would say that at least it more better than it previous versions, and it's more a Fighting game, as the Fighting action pace in the previous DOA 3 / 4 was slower.

I would also add in another point that in DOA 5, some move look very damaging and more powerful.

The Creators / Makers also add in new Characters to the game, next to guests from Virtual Fighters, and overall due to the nice graphics, all the characters look pretty nice, pretty and cool.

If you want to have a 3D fighting game to play alone, or with friends, you can consider grabbing this with your clean hands.

As far as I peeked, do you want to Take part in the Fighting Tournament against different Fighters in DOA 5?

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