Friday, February 24, 2012

More Manga updated

Ok, about time to update on some manga that i currently reading which i took interested, hope you can take look into them as leisure to relax yourself.
Well, There some popular which i am following like Naruto and Fairy Tail.
But just want to let you all know other good manga at the same time.

Beelzebub 145
Well, if you want to read a short chapter for a short gag, i can say that this chapter is your choice to go.
Personally, i would prefer a competition in any manga, but require to make it not just funny, but to make it epic instead.

As I say before, it seem that Beel make a new female friend, Futaba, who is a total spoilt kid. But to have a little fight by Watercut... well I have no comment, since the most i can make is just 2 only, but if you can more than that, you better hope nothing surface up the water to ... interrupt it.. (^u^ ;;)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn 374
Look like the battle between Hibari and Xanxus still under way, but yet it seem it may be conclude in next chapter, although i am not sure about how the story is going head for now..

Look like it will take another week for it to come out and see what happen. (*n* ;;)

Nurarihyon No Mago 191
When the hero are taking a break from battle, I am a bit surprised that on the start, and how Nura is heading towards, but from I am looking at, what i thinking is, enemy today, friend tomorrow (*u* )

But you have to give credit to Nura courage for one thing, facing other again, despite other knowing his background, and not backing down. If you are in his shoe, how would you react? (*w* )?

Medaka Box 135
It seem to me to that the story is going around and around, until i have no idea how this going to head about. Yet, as what i can say, the author is not just beating around the bush, but also doing a "Rush" to the manga to make sure that when you read the next chapter, you will catch off guard totally.

Well, this manga going to be air in Japan on Apirl 2012, so you can just take a peek into it, while waiting for the anime to be out. (^u^ )

Denpa Kyoushi 14
Well, It seem that Kagami going all out just to hear the Kanan's Anime voice, but it bit way too much.
Even if one had to admit it, that no way a teacher will go take 1 day to create an education game just for one student, in order to improve her physic...

Yet, for the pride of Otaku... We can only support Kagami as fellow Otaku, and continue to read this manga to support the author! (*v* )

Nisekoi 15
Look like Ichijou just meet his Love rival over Kirisaki - Seishiro Tsugumi. It seem that Seishiro is going all out to snatch Kirisaki from Ichijou.. but based on the whole chapter this time around, I am starting to wonder, just how this going to end, cos it getting interesting as the time go by. (*u* ) hehe..
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