Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Staring at my 1920 x 1080 Screen

 As i had post previously, using my 36 inch TV as a Monitor sure still need more getting use to it.

But the only thing that i am getting use to is using the Razer Black Widow Ultimate keyboard, since i like the blue switch mechanical keyboard, which give out "Clicking" for each keys press.

Another thing is the computer, finally i can go back and just stare blankly on the Monitor while on the Google Search Page! LOL

But joke aside, I still got MAG catching up, in which I will be also doing 2 type of un-boxing for each item that I had bought, or given(Very Rare).

Now for some update...

[Link to her public figure Facebook]

She is one of the hottest Cosplayer in Japan, and many really like her cosplaying.

As for me, what i can say is that i love the style on how she cosplay, and from what I heard from one of my friends, she one hell out of a Cheerful and always Smiling girl while many want her to be their girlfriend!

If i was to admit one thing, I do want to cosplay, even once, but what stopping is not because I don't want to, is that my Mum say one thing to me: 'How old liao and still want to do Bo Liao(boring) Thing ar? Don't even think about it since you got no money'...

Just wait... I will cosplay.. just once.. (>_<)

If you were get an autograph from Kipi Chan, first thing first, NEKO-CHAN!!

Well, despite my 2 Dakimakura are Bunny Girl, i also like Neko Girl!

But I doubt you will like seeing me 'meowing' with my house cat, Xiong Mao (Panda in Chinese).

The only time which shock my whole family was when i 'meow' at my cat, it reply a sound that is so easily recongize; "Huh?"

That was the most shocking and epic thing that cause me to be like, dazed for a few moment before I laugh at what happen..  

If i was to say whether if i am bored, I would just say no, but what Xiong Mao did, is always once only and if you happen to be there, first thing to your mind MUST be "WHERE MY CAMERA!?"

Haha, well, in my house, my family and I do take note when Xiong Mao start to do something playful, or funny.

But to be frank, Xiong Mao do understand what we say, and it seem to communicate with us using it eye, and in most cases when we ask question which reply Yes or No, it will just blink it eye as Yes, Stare very long as No.

So don't play staring competition with cat, you'll lose for sure.

Tony Taka Luca
[Link to Danny Choo : Tony Taka Luca]

Well Danny Choo posted this photo, the thing come to my mind, "I JUST WANT TO HAVE IT!!!!"

I know that my friends know my favorite character are Hatsune Miku, Black Rock Shooter.

But Megurine Luka is also, and standing in line with Miku,  my favorite vocaloid. If i was go on and say who my third favorite vocaloid, then my friends will know me even more, so that will have to be keep a secret for me... (>_<)|"

Ok, This time the Luka Figurine from Good Smile Company did a daring but nice thing to Luka; the pose and details

First thing would be the pose, which bring out Luka's sex appeal, and most of all - Dare to show her legs and stretch her chest out!!

That is what I talking about! And on to the details, starting from the face itself, the eye is still as amazing as ever, and what I can do say is that with the pose that it standing as, Luka appeal had went up ... like many many level!!

Well, when i got the cash and when it in Singapore, I sure it will be a good buy.
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